An image of a possible iPhone 13 appears with less notch

This particular “eyebrow” of the iPhone has been the subject of news for a long time and now an image has appeared in which you can see an iPhone with a much smaller notch than the iPhone 12 model current. In this case you can see the difference because visually it is clear and because the battery percentage also appears on the right side of the terminal, this is a clear indication that more information fits and it is thanks to the smaller size of the notch.

Smaller notch, equal to or no notch

iPhone 13 notch

This has been the debate on numerous occasions and it is that we all want the perfect iPhone on the front but we do not want to lose its features such as Face ID. In this sense, it must be clear that the notch function is clearly to add components like the camera, the Face ID sensors and the proximity sensor, so eliminating this notch completely will not be an easy task, at least for now.

What we have in this image is a possible iPhone 13 with a smaller notch, something that could be totally viable for this new iPhone and that will supposedly end up arriving one day or another. What is certain is that hours before the Apple event starts, the filters are falling into a tailspin and the rumors about what we are going to see this afternoon increase in all senses. We’ll see if we finally have an iPhone 13 with less notch or this is just a good photoshop job.

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