An initiative is born to promote physical stores among native digital brands

Carmila has joined EGI Group and Club e-commerce, with the aim of promote physical retail among native digital companies. In this case, the companies will launch a series of activations following this purpose.

EGI Group has different departments: from the EGI Comunica communication service, companies are helped to position themselves in the Spanish market by offering personalized communication strategies and adapted to the specific needs of each moment in the growth of a company in the digital sector; EGI Talent is a service to help find specialized talent in the ecommerce environment; and from EGI Ventures Startups are helped to prepare and obtain their financing rounds, among others

For its part, the ecommerce club helps companies to solve your digital challenges in the process of digitizing your business. In addition, it launches online mastermind events focused on different verticals so that experts in the sector can share their doubts and problems and thus learn from the problems and successes of colleagues in the sector who are in the same situation.

Thanks to this collaboration, Carmila accelerates your omnichannel digital strategy, on which he has been working since its inception. “This agreement will further strengthen our commitment to omnichannel and flexible formats. As an incubator for new companies and innovative concepts, we want to facilitate the entry into our shopping centers of brands with strong growth potential”, explains Sebastián Palacios, General Director of Carmila.

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On behalf of the EGI Group and the Ecommerce Club, we work towards promoting companies within new formats, accompanying them in their process of integrating digital tools”, says Ronan Bardet CEO and founder of EGI Group and Club Ecommerce. “In this case, we hope that with the collaboration of Carmila, we can make it easier for native digital companies to enter omnichannel formats that maximize their activity.”

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