An open world Call of Duty RPG? Nightmare or fantasy?

A job offer for an AAA project

The alarms have jumped quickly on the networks. Social, where the famous account CharlieIntel echoed a job posting that appeared on the Infinity Ward bulletin board. On the official website of the study, Activision’s offer offered a job for a profile of narrative director in the offices of Infinity Ward in Poland, which would be in charge of laying the foundations for a future unannounced project of the AAA type and open world RPG genre.

As you can imagine, an open world RPG in the Call of Duty saga is something completely new that we have never seen before, so in addition to being an innovative bet, it also seems tremendously risky.

— CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) June 12, 2022

The interesting thing about the matter is that after being published on the networks, Infinity Ward has decided to remove the ad from its website immediately, so there is no longer a visible trace of the words Open World and RPG within the context of Call of Duty. Would they find the profile they were looking for so soon? Nah…

When is it going to launch?

Weapons in the Call of Duty Vanguard

Before you get ahead of yourself, we must tell you that this question is completely out of the question, since the game is for now a simple idea on the table that will have to take shape with the work of the right people (hence the job offer ). At the moment its existence is completely up in the air, and taking into account the profile of the job offer, everything indicates that for now they are probing and modeling what the game as such could become.

What’s more, although there are many more job offers, none specifies the term “open world”, so it would make more evident the very premature state in which the supposed project is found.

First Warzone 2, and then we’ll see

At the moment, the only thing that worries us at the moment is the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the arrival of Warzone 2, which will supposedly take place at the end of the year. The premiere of the new battle royale with the supposed new mechanics introduced will give a lot to talk about, so we probably won’t remember these rumors for a long time. Of course, let’s remember that Modern Warfare 2 will arrive with its campaign and multiplayer mode on October 28, so we will have classic Call of Duty for a while.

How do you imagine the Call of Duty RPG?

The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Thinking of a Call of Duty within the RPG genre can be complicated, but games like The Division, which perfectly mixed action with RPG elements, could help to imagine something similar around a war context, where the configuration of weapons and equipment could be crucial.

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