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Big cars, cold war and impossible missions, the program of Amazon Prime Video is loaded at the start of the year.

While the media chronology has just been adopted, which plans to reduce the delays in making films released in theaters available on SVOD platforms, Amazon Prime Video unveils its program for the month of February. In exchange for participation in French creation, offers of the genre will be able to broadcast certain films from 17 months after their exploitation in the cinema, against 36 currently. If Amazon Prime Video has not signed the agreement, the platform has nevertheless already invested in French productions, such as with Mixed, the first French creation of the e-commerce giant. In 2022, another production of the genre arrives in our green regions: Totems. Find out what the streaming service has in store for us next month.


  • Reacher (Season 1) – February 4

After two films on the big screen, Jack Reacher lands on Amazon Prime Video. The character imagined by Lee Child offers a series on the platform, with Alan Ritchson in the title role.

This new adaptation seems to have adopted a definitely lighter tone. For this first season, it will be a question of adapting the first volume of the literary saga. Thus, Jack Reacher will cross paths with Finlay and Roscoe, two police officers who will help him dismantle a mafia system that has corrupted a small town in Georgia. Together, they will have to go up the chain of a gigantic network of counterfeiters.

  • Melrose Place (Season 1-7) – February 7
  • WithLove (Season 1) – February 11
  • A boy a girl (Season 1-6) – February 15
  • Downton Abbey (Season 1-6) – February 17
  • Totems (Season 1) – February 18

Cocorico, the new Amazon Prime Video series is a French production. After Mixed, which had some success when it was released, the platform repeats the experience but this time plunges us into the middle of the Cold War, alongside spies. In the casting, we will find José Garcia, Lambert Wilson, Niels Schneider and Ana Girardot.

In 1965, while collaborating with the French secret services and the CIA, Francis Mareuil met Lyudmila Goloubeva, a pianist forced to work for the KBG. Quickly, a romance develops between the two characters. But how do you know if these are sincere feelings or political shenanigans?

  • Love3 (Season 1) – February 18
  • The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel (Season 4) – February 18

Movies, Shows and Documentaries

  • Fast and Furious (1 to 7) – February 1

While we await the conclusion of the saga, tenth opus with Vin Diesel but without Dwayne Johnson, Amazon Prime Video offers its subscribers the opportunity to refresh their ideas. The platform will make available the first 7 opuses of the franchise, which smells of asphalt and burnt rubber.

As a reminder, Fast and Furious follows Don Toretto, ace driver and head of a family of illegal racing pros. He organizes wild rodeos in the streets of Los Angeles. Quickly, his activities attract the attention of the police, who decide to infiltrate one of his agents in the band.

  • Exes – February 1st
  • 50 shades of gray – February 1st
  • Up to you – February 1st
  • Don’t tell him – February 1st
  • Free Love – February 1st
  • Everything to please – February 1st
  • A tall man – February 1st
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures in Fraisi-Paradis – February 1st
  • Oscar and the World of Cats – February 1st
  • Of Soldiers and Shadows – February 4
  • Book of Love – February 4
  • Endings, Beginnings – February 7
  • Love, Weddings & Other Disasters – February 14th
  • Jack & Jill – February 16
  • Snow White and the Hunter – February 16
  • Transformers: The Last Knight – February 17
  • Mission: Impossible Fallout – the 21st of February

We will have to wait a little longer before finding Ethan Hunt. Paramount Pictures has just announced the postponement of the next two installments in the saga Impossible mission. To keep us busy until then, Amazon Prime Video has the perfect solution.

In this new adventure, Ethan Hunt must stop saving the planet at all costs, in a race against time. He has no right to fail. Accompanied by his friends, camped by Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames, the character of Tom Cruise will have to use all the tricks to achieve his ends.

  • Learner parents – February 28

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