An RDNA 2 GPU for 200 euros? This will be the AMD RX 6500

Competition is always good and Intel’s announcement of wanting to cover the market for gaming graphics cards below 300 euros of MSRP has led both NVIDIA and AMD to develop new GPUs for that market. In the case of the green brand we know that the desktop RTX 3050 (Ti) based on the GA107 chip could appear in a few weeks, but what about AMD?

This would be the AMD RX 6500 GPU


The information comes from the hand of the YouTube channel on hardware Moore’s Law is Dead, so it is nothing more than a rumor and therefore it is not an official confirmation from AMD, although it could well be a controlled leak. What’s more, we had already had references from the Navi 24 GPU, which will be the one that equates the series of AMD RX 6500 graphics cards, of which according to the information there would be two variants and at least one of them with a price below 200 euros.

Your specs? To begin with, it would have the full support of the RDNA 2 architecture, including Ray Tracing, and contrary to what was stated in previous rumors where it was said that the Infinity Cache would not be, in the end the Navi 24 GPU in the RX 6500 will have 16 MB of Infinity Cache. Regarding the amount of Compute Units we talk about 16 In total, so in both specifications it is just half that of the RX 6600 XT, we do not know if the memory bus is also, which would place it in 64 bits GDDR6 and therefore in capacities of 4 GB of VRAM.

In terms of clock speeds, the RX 6500 graphics card is expected to be high as with the rest of the range. Another thing that has also changed with respect to the information leaked a few months ago is consumption, which could be between the 100 and 110 W Instead of being below 75 W. Navi 24 will be a GPU that will be launched on both desktop and laptop, so we can expect different variants depending on consumption.

Its launch is expected in 2022

RX 6600 AMD

The appearance of the AMD RX 6500 graphics cards with the Navi 24 GPU would be expected for the beginning of next year, so they will miss the Christmas campaign, and that is that according to the road maps of the three big companies, the objective of Going for the more modest users of the PC gaming market is coincidental, although we really believe that the plans to launch both the Navi 24 by AMD and the GA107 on the desktop are a response to Intel’s plans with its Alchemist GPUs.

At the moment the GPU range below 300 euros does not yet have GPUs with support for DX12 Ultimate and after more than two years the NVIDIA GTX 16 and AMD RX 500 still reign in this price segment. The new graphics cards will be a breath of fresh air to a neglected sector of PC gamers in recent years, due in part to the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series.

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