Analogue Pocket, the portable console will arrive on December 13

After multiple delays, the Analogue Pocket finally has a release date. In an email received by users who pre-ordered the handheld console, the company has stated that will begin shipping the first units of this device from next December 13, just in time for the holiday season, even ensuring that they expect to deliver most of the pre-orders before the end of the year.

And it is undoubtedly that this console has a unique attraction, offering a ability to play retro titles from older handheld consoles such as the Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx. While the funding drive was a resounding success, depleting pre-orders in a matter of hours, the misfortunes quickly mounted, with the onset of the pandemic and its attendant supply chain problems, closed production chains, and more. late, the still present shortage of components.

However, given the proximity of the shipping date to the Christmas holidays, the company wanted to offer a little more freedom with deliveries, given the probability that some buyers had planned not to be present during the delivery date.

Thus, Analogue has enabled a communication platform through which users can delay their orders until the new year, or even change their delivery address. To do this, they will only have to respond to the last email received, or get in touch through the email «» with your request, with a deadline for the change of your orders for November 28.

In the same way, it is expected that the rest of the units and the new orders of the Analogue Pocket continue to send as normal after this.

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