And the best graphics card in mining is… AMD RX 6600 with 30 MH / s?

It hasn’t hit the market yet, we don’t even have a performance leak that it could treasure, and yet the miners have already gotten their hands on the latest from AMD, which oddly enough will be the company’s lowest-end range. The most remarkable thing about the RX 6600 will not be its performance, but its capacity for mining and not precisely because of its power to do so, but because it is the best graphics card for it due to its consumption, price and MH / s.

There are a couple of weeks until the launch and as you may have seen there is no way of knowing how much this GPU is going to perform in its main facet, which is gaming. But in Ethereum we already have succulent data curiously for the latest graphics card in the RDNA 2 family. How is it possible if AMD does not provide the drivers until a few days before the launch to the reviewers? We do not know, but without a doubt this is strange, and that it is also not tested in gaming but in mining.

Will there be stock as a result of this disclosed data? Complicated …

The RX 6600 has all eyes on it from the moment it was named by AMD and since we learned what its superior sister XT was capable of. What we already saw at the time is that the larger of the two had the crown of efficiency per watt in terms of PPW, so those who seek to optimize performance, dividends and consumption and also have a lot of space to spare. they pulled for her without hesitation.

In mining and unless you pay electricity, the important thing is the PPW, since you can have an infernal performance, but a too high energy consumption that destroys the profitability of the card. If its price does not accompany then better or look at it. Therefore, the data that has been leaked is surprising, since the new RX 6600 manages to deliver nothing less than 27.08 MH / s, achieving peaks of up to 30 MH / s when fully optimized for mining.

What does this imply? That it is likely that with these data and the consumption that we are going to see below there will be no way to buy one to be able to play with it.

AMD RX 6600 in mining: a ridiculous consumption that triggers its PPW


If the AMD RX 6600 XT optimized to consume as little as possible and get the most out of mining is capable of delivering 33 MH / s with only 55 watts and giving a PPW of 0.59, what the RX 6600 will do without a doubt surpasses those values.

And it does it curiously with less MH / s (30) and also with a lower consumption of only 50 watts, something that is really difficult to see and that possibly only the GTX 750 Ti achieved at the time. What do we get in return with this data? Well a 0.61 PPW, being the best registered so far in any existing graphics card, be it from NVIDIA or AMD.

What would its price be? Assuming that the rumors put it more or less at the level of an RTX 3060 and that the price of its older sister is $ 379 MSRP, this card should remain among the $ 299 and $ 329, surely more the second than the first.

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