And the unicorn arrived: this robot vacuum cleaner can climb the stairs of your house

We have seen very good robot vacuum cleaners, effective floor cleaners, very well-resolved window cleaners, anchors to clean the pool… and yet, none has ever been able to climb a measly step. It is possibly the biggest limitation that these cleaning equipment for the home have, a great handicap for a house with stairs which has now been seen resolved for the first time thanks to Migo Robotics and its new and striking proposal.

The Ascender or how to change the rules of the game

Until now, if you had a two-story house and wanted a Vacuum cleaner robot You basically had three options: either choose which floor you wanted me to clean and take care of the other one; or buy two robots; or have one that allows the recognition and management of two floors (although you still have to upload it and download it to you).

And it is that, logically, it is difficult to imagine a team of these going up the stairs, both by design and by volume, being a quality that many of us had accepted that we would never see in a device like this. Until today, of course. Migo Robotics is a company that has challenged all our ideas by presenting The Ascender, the first robot on the market able to climb stairs.

To do this, this robot, with a square design (and not round, as usual), displays some side legs that allow you to “grab” on a step and push yourself up on it. After that, its lower wheels allow lateral movement, so that the robot moves from right to left to continue vacuuming and after that, it continues with the next step.

All an incredible advance within this sector that could solve the ballot for more than one and that we will see sooner than you imagine in stores.

Price and availability of The Ascender

After watching the video, you may have thought that conceptually it looks very good but that it is possibly an idea yet to be executed that will take a long time to be able to buy. Nothing is further from reality -or so it seems. Migo Robotics, which claims to have had a team that includes “experts from Google, Boston Dynamics, Ecovacs and Dyson”, promises that the robot will be on sale this month of August, that is to say in little more than two months.

In fact, currently, The Ascender can be reserved, through the official website of the manufacturer, paying the symbolic figure of 5 dollars. With this, you make sure to be one of the first to acquire it and to do so at a promotional price of $999implying a savings of $400 when the robot officially goes on sale with a then tag of $1,399.

Does anyone dare to give it a try?

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