‘Andor’, the prequel to ‘Rogue One’ and upcoming Disney+ series

Disney has released the official trailer for Andor, the new series based on the Star Wars universe and upcoming Disney+ premiere. Unlike the recent Obi-Wan Kenobihowever, arrives with little expectation, and it is that on the sidelines of a conference a few months ago, only the most coffee growers were aware of its arrival.

In any case, and as usual at Disney, the creatives have not warmed up much and pull a well-known character, but from the third row, to continue squeezing the fruit of the galaxies. Specific, Andor stars the Mexican Diego Luna, who gave life to the spy Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Thus, the story that brings Andor does not follow the previous one, but focuses on the life and work of the character, although the action takes place only a few years before the events that we saw in the most drinkable Star Wars movie that has been produced in the last two decades, what is said soon

Andor It will be the fourth series of the Star Wars universe for Disney + after the fresh, interesting and successful The Mandalorianfrom the mediocre rehash of boba fett book and of Obi-Wan Kenobian exercise in nostalgia, a forced one without much verve, but saved by the charisma of Ewan McGregor.

Andor It will also be the first series in the Star Wars universe for Disney+ to exceed eight episodes in length, the first of which will premiere on Disney+ next year. September 21st. It will be then when we can see if Andor is, as it seems, another rehash, or brings something new to a franchise that shines less and less.

If you want to get some background before its launch, you have everything you need on Disney +. Obviously. Both the movie that introduced the character, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, like the rest of the titles linked to the Lucasfilm franchise. We leave you with the trailer of Andor.

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