Android 13: apps will launch at lightning speed thanks to this API

Apps on Android 13 should launch at lightning speed. This is in any case what ensures Mishaal Rahman, renowned leaker and former editor of the site XDA Developers. Indeed, he unearthed several lines of code hidden in AOSP (Android Open Source Project) which allude to CPU acceleration when loading an app.

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While Android 12 is not yet available to everyone, all eyes are already on Android 13. It must be said that many leaks about the next version of Google’s OS are already flooding the web. For example, we learned that the OS will allow changing profiles from the lock page while Bluetooth LE Audio will be fully supported.

We owe the revelation of the day to Mishaal Rahman, journalist and former editor of the XDA Developers site. While digging through the Android Open Source Project code, the expert found several hidden lines of code that allude to CPU speedup when loading an application.

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Apps loaded ultra quickly on Android 13?

As he clarifies on Twitter, he did not have time to obtain more information, Google having quickly made private the famous lines of code. “Lesson learned: Take screenshots of AOSP code changes, because you never know when Google might make them private. All I have as proof of this functionality is a screenshot of the tabs I had opened before.” he wrote on Twitter.

He pursues : “From what I remember reading, Google is introducing a new power indication to boost the CPU when a game is loading something. Thanks to a new GameState API, games can communicate their current state on the platform. This feature is planned for Android 13, based on a new VTS test”, he concludes.

In other words, when an application is loading, the API in question tells the SoC to step up a gear. This GameState API will allow the app to communicate to the CPU it is loading. Thus, the processor will allocate more power to the process. This will ostensibly increase the speed at which apps will launch on Android 13.

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