Android 13: here are the first changes spotted in the drop-down menu

Android 13 is starting to be tested by some developers and we can see the first changes made to the OS. One of them concerns the drop-down pane. If it does not undergo in-depth modifications, Google corrects some details to make it even easier to use.

Source: Android Headlines

Android 13 is currently in the testing phase and can be used by some developers. The Android Headlines site was able to get their hands on screenshots from this new version and therefore informs us of the first modifications. One of them relates to the drop-down menu.

The drop-down menu is this interface that appears when you slide your finger down. Android 12 brought major changes, introducing a new tile-based design. It should continue its life on Android 13, but some minor changes are made to the settings buttons.

Android 13 brings change to the drop-down menu

At the bottom of the tiles, there are three minor buttons on Android 12. One is dedicated to changing the tiles, another to switching on and the last one to access the settings. On Android 13, the power and settings buttons are now placed at the very bottom right. A choice that allows easy access with the thumb. We also notice a new button. This allows access to the user’s profile (accessible only via the settings today). The tile modification button remains below the main display, but shifts to the right.

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Finally, let us announce the arrival of an interesting new icon. This allows you to see how many applications are running in the background. Extremely convenient for those who like to have total control over their phone.

Android 12 arrived in fall 2021, but Google is already starting to prepare the sequel. This new version has entered the test phase and should not arrive before the end of the year, at the earliest. We can easily imagine that this iteration will accompany the release of the Pixel 7. Google’s smartphones traditionally come out in October and there’s no reason for it to be any different in 2022. By then, we should have plenty of information about Android 13 that shouldn’t greatly upset the design put in place with the previous version.

Source: Android Headlines

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