Android 13 Tiramisu is revealed, Intel graphics cards dedicated to mining, this is the recap ‘

He blows up his Tesla Model S to protest the excessive price of changing the battery, a leak gives a first glimpse of the Android 13 Tiramisu update, Intel is reportedly planning to create Arc graphics cards specially designed for cryptocurrency mining, c ‘is the recap’ of the day.

He explodes his Model S, outraged by the price of changing the battery

After 1,500 kilometers of use, Thomas Katainen had the unpleasant surprise to see his car suddenly break down. Unfortunately for the young Finn, the verdict is irrevocable, the battery must be changed and the operation costs 20,000 euros because the electric vehicle is no longer under warranty. Revolted, the motorist came into contact with the Pommijätkät channel (“Bombe mecs” in French). The film crews therefore loaded the car with 30 kilos of dynamite to detonate it, a mannequin bearing the image of Elon Musk installed behind the wheel. Go to our news to discover the video, already seen by 2 million Internet users.

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Tiramisu update unveiled

Our colleagues from XDA Developers have just got their hands on a preliminary build of Android 13, months before the first beta. This leak reveals that the Tiramisu update would allow apps to speak a different language and that notification management should be improved. A system called “TARE” should make it possible to better manage energy consumption thanks to “Android resource credits”. The preview dedicated to developers should be launched at the end of February 2022 and it will be necessary to wait until September for the deployment of the final version of the update. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to take a look at our news to find out in detail the potential changes brought by Tiramisu.

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Arc graphics cards for cryptocurrency miners

During an interview with streamer Dr. Lupo, Raja Koduri shared some new information about the upcoming Intel ARC GPU with Alchemist architecture. Intel graphics cards will therefore be available from 2022 and the newcomer on the market would have the project to develop a dedicated Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain validation hardware and to create GPUs specially dedicated to cryptocurrency mining in order to fight against scalpers. The senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s AXG group said the manufacturer should be able to offer its own scalable multi-GPU solution.

Read: Intel promises Arc graphics cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining

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