Android 13 will allow you to switch profiles from the lock page

Android 13 has not yet been officially announced, and yet it continues to be talked about. According to our colleagues from the Android Police site, the next version of the OS will allow you to change the user profile from the lock screen. In addition, it will be possible to deactivate the activation of the Google Assistant with a long press on the Home button.

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Android 13, which responds to the code name Tiramisu internally, has already revealed a lot of secrets about it. Indeed, we have learned that it will be possible to transfer music to a speaker by simply bringing your smartphone closer, while Bluetooth LE Audio will be fully supported by the OS.

Among other features unveiled in recent weeks, we found thatAndroid 13 could allow users to set language settings for each app, the famous Palingual feature, while the user will be able to choose the clock layout on the lock screen.

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Credit: Android Police

Change profile from the lock screen on Android 13

And speaking of the lock screen precisely, according to a source close to Google relayed by our colleagues from Android Police, Android 13 will offer a user profile switch from this screen (that is, the one where you enter the pin code and the password when starting the device). Via a drop-down menu, you can therefore choose between the different profiles saved on your smartphone or tablet. A feature that can come in handy on an Android tablet used by the whole family, for example.

It is also difficult to know whether this feature will be reserved only for tablets under Android 13 or not. Besides this switch, Android Police shared screenshots of a new setting. Indeed, this option will visibly allow you to deactivate the triggering of the Google Assistant by performing long press on the Home button. After doing some research, we were amazed to see that no such option was present on previous versions of the OS. This will now be the case.

As a reminder, Android 13 should also include a new energy consumption management system. Called TAR for The Android Resource Economy, this system aims to reduce the overall consumption of the battery and adapt it to the user’s needs.

Source: Android Police

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