Android 14 will put an end to notifications that invade the screen

Android 14 will not upset the habits of smartphone users. On the other hand, it will give them greater control over their device, as evidenced by the discovery revealed by freelance journalist Mishaal Rahman.

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A journalist studied the source code of Android 14. He not only discovered that the new version of the OS will probably facilitate the use of Google Wallet, but also allow to modify the configuration of the notifications on a case-by-case basis. If the configuration possibilities offered by Android 13 are already very complete, some apps display a notification occupying the whole screen and this behavior is unfortunately not modifiable. This “right to Full Screen mode” is irrevocable, as it was granted at installation.

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According to Rahman, in Android 14, apps will have to send a notification of their intention to run in full screen. If the user is already performing another task on the device, it can choose to refuse Full Screen mode and display the notification in the status bar.

Android 14 will give users more choices regarding the display of notifications

Full screen notifications are normally reserved for urgent messages, which in Google’s own words “demand the user’s immediate attention”. We are talking about applications such as Alarms and other timers, incoming calls. In Google’s own opinion, “if developers use this function for something else […] it can be extremely disturbing “. Me Rahman shared a short video on Twitter showing us how this setting works.

Android 14 is out of the Developer Preview phase and Google is currently rolling out the first public beta. All observers agree that the final public version of the operating system should be launched in August 2023. With the new vintage of its mobile OS, Google will only bring no revolutionary change, but will endeavor to improve the existing one. This will result in a greater freedom of configuration granted to usersbut also by strengthening the security of user data with native support for passkeys or the location of the device even if it has no more battery.

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