Android apps could also reach Xbox consoles

Android apps on Xbox Series

On October 5, Microsoft will officially launch the new version of its operating system for computers. Windows 11 It will arrive and along with it will all those new features at the graphic level that give it a much more current and interesting aspect.

Of course, the most interesting thing about the new version will not be so much the interface but all those new features that affect the security of the system itself, the improvement of performance, graphics, etc. And within that last etcetera there is some other novelty that could be very interesting in terms of the possibilities of use, the most striking: being able to run Android applications.

Yes, Microsoft knows that many of its users use Android as the operating system on their phones, so offering some integration like Apple does with its Macs and iPhones and even iPads is important. What’s more, if you can run iOS and iPadOS apps on macOS, Windows running Android apps would be the natural way to compete.

Well, leaving aside that there are users who do not see it as something interesting for certain reasons, the truth is that the Android app support is coming. But now it seems that it will not only make it to Windows 11 and also the Xbox consoles They will be able to enjoy the possibilities that these would offer if confirmed.

For now we only know that there is a utility called Windows Subsystem for Android that requires Windows 11 and Xbox. What’s more, it can be downloaded, although when it is run the screen goes black and does nothing. But we may soon see the first compatibility tests of Android apps on Microsoft consoles.

Android apps on Xbox, interesting or bug?

Before answering the question, it must be said that Microsoft’s exact plans with this supposed support for Android apps on Xbox are not clear. That is, the Redmon company may only intend to give the option of running only Android games, in order to further expand the catalog. Or full support.

Whatever it is, it is true that for some this possible compatibility may seem like a mistake, especially if we think about the possible security and privacy risks. However, if you look at it from another point of view, it could be very interesting when it comes to leisure and the use of utilities related to social networks and even music and video services via streaming.

Can run apps like Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Stadia, etc., would expand the possibilities of users of Microsoft consoles and avoid those complaints that often appear about when there will be an app to access such new service or platform.

We will see what happens, because first it has to be Microsoft that explains well what its intention is. But of course what is clear is that an Xbox Series X is no longer just a console, it is something much more interesting and it is only necessary to see everything that it already offers through its Microsoft Edge browser.

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