Android Auto gets a weather app, but it’s useless for now

User requests have finally been heard: there is now a weather application designed specifically for Android Auto. But there is a catch: it only displays real-time weather conditions and does not provide access to forecasts. A bit like looking out the window.

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As complete and optimized as it is, Android Auto still has a long way to go to become the ultimate car operating system. Today, the latter is above all used to have quick access to Google Maps or Waze according to preferences, or Spotify for the most music lovers. It must be said that the application store still lacks really interesting choices for drivers.

Also for a long time, they have been waiting for the arrival of a real weather application optimized for Android Auto. The wait is now over. Weather & Radar, this is the name of this application that finally allows you to check the weather from your car at any time. This is available directly from the Play Store, version 2023.3.1.

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Android Auto gets a not-so-helpful weather app

For now, the application is still very basic. This only allows you to consult the weather conditions in real time, in satellite or radar view. While it is possible to check the weather at the destination, the application does not allow you to do so at the time of arrival. Only real-time weather is displayed and it is not possible to access forecasts for the next few hours or days.

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In other words, you might as well peek out your window and get more or less the same result. The application is therefore only in its infancy. The developers specify that other features are of course to come in future updates. For now, you can download it to familiarize yourself with the interface. For the rest, it may not be very useful to you.

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