Android: Meet the ten best applications released in 2021

The present day Google revealed the list of apps that ‘shined’ and made a positive contribution this year, on Google Play. “We have long tablecloths since, today, we share with you the winners of the Best of Google Play in 2021 both globally and in Mexico.”

Similar to what happened with the 2020 winners globally, apps focused on personal growth were in high demand in 2021, therefore, this edition could not go unnoticed. This year’s winners found creative ways to help users get to know themselves more deeply.

Best app of 2021

In Mexico, the award for Best App of 2021 it was for the video-on-demand platform, Disney +. However, we also found that other achievers in our country used technology to help people to become more interested in their natural environment and, in other cases, to perfect a new language.

Among the winners of the “Hidden Gems”Are Rock Identifier, a tool that allows you to identify and learn more about rocks; Moonly, which gives you tips and recommendations based on the lunar calendar; and BoldVoice, which helps you improve your English pronunciation.

Best Video Game of 2021

Globally, in video games, Pokémon Unite won the awards for “Best game“And” User selection “thanks to its dynamic gameplay and multiplatform experience.

We are also seeing the emergence of independent developers creating personal and imaginative gaming experiences. The independent developer, George Batchelor gave us Bird Alone, a game that invites and challenges you to become a friend of the “loneliest bird in the world” and which was recognized in the category of “Best Indie Games” both worldwide and in Mexico.

These are the winners in Mexico:

Best apps for tablets

Hidden gems

Best apps to take with you

Best apps for fun

Best games to compete

Best games for tablets

Most Innovative Games

Best Indie Games

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