Android TV 13 could be a big improvement

Although, in the first instance, Android TV 13 does not aim to be one of the great stars of the next Google I/O, which will take place on May 11 and 12, It is possible that it does have more prominence than it might seem. The star will, of course, be Android 13, whose arrival on the market will surely begin between the end of September and the beginning of October. However, and as we have seen in previous years, that Android for smartphones is the epicenter, it does not mean that Google does not keep the odd surprise.

Last year we had a great example of that, with the big update to Wear OS, precisely at Google I/O last year. A surprise, since the common belief is that the search engine company had decided to put aside its operating system to wearables. With this movement, in the company of Samsung, we saw a major renovation, and we sensed that Google had not forgotten the rest of the devices, and that we would have more news about it. Now, it seems that the next advance in this regard could come from the hand of Android TV 13, an operating system for Smart TV and devices to connect to the television.

And it is that, as we can read in SlashGear, after the resurrection of Wear OS and the first steps of Android L, the specific version of Android for devices with a large screen, now Google would be preparing something new for televisions, another plot in which he has shown limited interest in recent times. The interest in this platform could be substantiated in Android TV 13, and it seems like a very interesting move, since it is an environment in which it already has a great presence, which it can make profitable with improvements.

On the one hand, according to leaks, Android TV 13 will introduce improvements related to energy efficiency, thus helping to reduce the electricity bill (something much appreciated in these times), something for which it will limit the scope of notifications, preventing them from waking up the device when it is in sleep mode. Additionally, it will also limit them when we are viewing content, something that is very annoying on many occasions.

On the other hand, Android TV 13 could also have important improvements regarding the PiP mode (Picture in Picture), a function that has been present for a long time in Android, but that until now has imposed quite a few limitations on developers, who are responsible for creating the apps that use this function. For example, the aspect ratio is quite limited, but this would change in this new version.

Another novelty that could also debut on Android 13 TV is a split screen modesimilar to the one that we can already find in the Android version for smartphones and tablets, but in this case it could be used for very interesting audiovisual purposes, once the developers can start using it.

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