Angry Birds, a review of the famous saga that seemed doomed to failure

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angry Birds it is the example of a huge failure that at first did not seem like it would feed its creators for a long time. Although they thought the idea was original and, above all, fun to enjoy thanks to the touch screen of one of those smartphones that had just been invented (the iPhone was released in 2007), the problem was that the development of the game had become hell.

Although we all have linked the name of angry Birds to success, in reality the game was in the App Store for several weeks without anyone paying attention to it. Rovio had invested a lot of time and money in launching it and discouragement began to spread among the troops because they had the feeling that it was better to forget about it and move on to another project. Do we continue or throw in the towel? Luckily for the gamer community they decided to continue, correcting bugs and updating all those contents who thought they were to blame for the failure.

As in all stories that end well, there is a moment when luck changes. That moment when the ship’s crew is about to riot and take control. To throw the captain on the iron and make him pay for the hunger of the voyage. But suddenly angry Birds got his pulse back. Finland gave them the first joys in the App Store, taking the top positions of the most downloaded games, then some other neighboring country, later the USA and at the end of the road… the whole world!

Angry Birds games

That success led the company to create countless new deliveries, always with the premise of agility to adapt to the times and what the community requested. Angry Birds Seasonsfor example, he celebrated Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and anything that allowed him to stay on top of the top of the most downloaded titles in the iPhone or Android stores (and later Nokia, Windows Phone and webOS) thanks especially regular updates. But Rovio was characterized by a different strategy.

The games were fine, but even better to release dolls, toys, stuffed animals and any other product derived from the franchise. Besides, They made the leap to the cinema, to television and they closed the circle in a masterful way creating one of the first brands known by practically all the inhabitants of the world.

Below, as a heartfelt tribute to these pissed off birds, let’s remember all your video games. Are you sure you haven’t played them?

Angry Birds (2009)

The game that started it all. In this title we control a group of birds They must retrieve their eggs from the clutches of a malevolent gang of pigs. The gameplay of this title, despite its simplicity, proved to be highly fun and addictive. In addition, it was on this occasion that we met the birds that have given us so many good times, from Red to Chuck, passing through Bomb. Shoot and destroy the towers!

Angry Birds Seasons (2010):

In this game we can find worlds set in different festivities like Halloween, Christmas or Easter, which were quite curious to explore. It is still a variant focused on having new content every few weeks, one of the great secrets of Rovio’s success.

Angry Birds Rio (2011)

this game was a very good marketing strategy by Blue Sky Studios to promote their 3D animated film River. In this new adventure, the classic birds of the saga will have to help Blu, the protagonist of the film. This game also received new content such as an extra storyline and more levels to celebrate the release of the feature film. River 2 in 2014.

Angry Birds Friends (2012)

The main attraction of this game was to be able to enjoy online with friends that we had on Facebook. The most impressive of these angry birds it was the fact that the story related to the multiplayer mode so that made a lot of sense.

Angry Birds Space (2012)

this time the story came from Isla Pajaro and see if he did that they even moved into space. It introduced us to a plot inspired by classic sci-fi (space) movies, as well as introducing us to a new, fun-to-use character, Frosh, who unfortunately we didn’t see again in the franchise. Finally, mention that it included some new abilities to the classic characters of the angry Birds lifelong.

Angry Birds Star Wars (2012)

If the alliance between Rovio and Blue Sky Studios was already profitable, the union between Angry Birds and Lucasfilm is to study it. This title adapted the events of the original trilogy of the saga starwars to the devilishly fun formula that characterizes these games. Also, and as a curiosity, this is the only one in the saga to be released on home consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 or Xbox One.

Bad Piggies (2012)

But without a doubt, the most popular game not starring the Angry Birds was Bad Piggies. In it we embodied the antagonists of the saga, the little pigs, who had to create new and strange artifacts to get to the pieces we need and thus pass the level. Trying to fly with so much weight was…impossible!

Angry Birds Star Wars II (2013)

This time the story took us back to the prequel trilogy while adding novel elements such as being able to use pigs, which in this version embodied the Trade Federation Separatists. The game had its version in the real world with sets of toys that emulated the phases of the Angry birds star wars of mobiles (the fashion of the Toys to Life), but it did not catch on among the players.

Angry Birds Go! (2013)

It is the only attempt of the franchise to put its head in the market of racing games (style Mario Kart) for mobile devices. Although at the time it did not stand out in many aspects, now, and with the glasses of nostalgia on, it was a pretty funny title and with a surprisingly good graphic section for the time and the mobile platforms to which it arrived.

Angry Birds Epic (2014)

In addition to all the aforementioned titles and with practically identical developments, the saga had some spin off of merit where we have to highlight this angry birds epic: The saga completely breaks away from the classic formula and tries to embrace the RPG genre. A risky bet that did not materialize or have continuity.

Angry Birds 2 (2015)

The official sequel to the first game was an event and had millions of gamers waiting anxiously his advent. Although it did not introduce too many novelties (with the exception of a new character), it was considered a continuation of the original phenomenon. Although the figures, unfortunately, were never the same.

Angry Birds Action! (2016)

Angry Birds Action! more closely resembles a pinball-style game, in which we had to make the birds bounce off different structures to earn points, bonuses and rewards. A staging with quality, very careful and a really fun idea that has not had second parts. Probably because it did not work at the level of the old titles.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019)

Is there a better way to enjoy a angry Birds of a lifetime that in virtual reality and taking a first person perspective? That is exactly this title that you have available for PS VR and PC and that did not have much impact or success, probably because the VR phenomenon is still a minority. Still, if you can try it, do it!

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure (2019)

On the occasion of the premiere of the second film of the angry BirdsRovio developed this VR mini-adventure to put us at the controls of a kind of submarine while we organize the crew and fight against the elements that live at the bottom of the sea. A development that bears similarities to the original titles although it introduces many game mechanics that make it more attractive and entertaining. You have it for PS VR and also PC.

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