Angry mother killed her 5 children after discovering a photo of her husband with a new partner

A 28-year-old woman was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in Wuppertal, western Germany, for the murder of five of his six sons in September 2020. mother spitefully she killed her little ones after discovering photo of her husband with new partner.

According to German media, in the sentence the court emphasized the special gravity of the crime, which excludes an eventual release after 15 years, as is contemplated in other cases of permanent prison.

The woman, identified only as Christiane K., suffocated and drowned her three daughters and two of her sons at her home in Solingen, western Germany, after giving them sedatives. Judge Jochen Kötter described in his sentence as “tragedy” the crime that at the time shocked the country.

The woman tried to commit suicide

After ending the lives of the children, aged between one and eight years, the woman tried to commit suicide by throwing herself on the train tracks and tried to get her eldest son, 11 years old, to do it, however he refused and came out unscathed.

According to the prosecution, Christiane K. decided to commit the crime after her husband abandoned her for a neighbor, which led her to chat to him that she would never see her children again.

The judge supported the thesis of the prosecution, according to which the defendant had killed her children essentially out of “disappointment, anger and despair”. His world fell apart after discovering a photo of her husband – from whom she had been living apart for a year – with her new partner.

“His life changed profoundly at that time,” said Chief Justice Jochen Kötter. She couldn’t bear it, she added and wanted to punish him. Their eldest son, then 11 years old, escaped the fate of his sisters and brothers.

Had pleaded not guilty

The defendant was silent throughout the trial. He had previously declared his innocence, stating that a masked man had entered his apartment and killed his sons. However, no evidence was found to support this claim.

Despite the signs of narcissism and conduct disorder diagnosed before the events, she was held fully responsible for her actions, contrary to the defense request that she be admitted to a psychiatric center.

“She lived in a world of facades that she had built herself. When the façade collapsed, the children lost their function,” the prosecutor was quoted as saying by the weekly “Der Spiegel”.

Christiane K. However, he maintained his innocence until the last moment and assured that a stranger had entered the house. The bodies of the five children were found by the police covered up and in their beds, after the children’s grandmother sounded the alarm.

With information from EFE and AFP


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