Animal Crossing formalizes a most amazing collaboration with Lush

Discover the island imagined by the cosmetics brand Lush, on the border between a little girl’s dream and the virtual store.

A few months ago, the technological brand LG unveiled two islands on the game Animal Crossing New Horizons with the effigy of its new TVs. Today, a second brand announces a collaboration of this same type to promote its products. This is Lush, a brand of ethical and natural cosmetics of British origin. Similarly, Lush unveils her island, inspired by the bath bombs from the “Adventures in Bathing” collection.

This collection contains 6 new bath bombs, the brand’s flagship product, the island is therefore divided into 6 distinct zones to discover without further delay. One of them is also devoted to animation Snow fairy, released last September. The island was created by designer Sylvia MA, a Lush collaborator who currently works in one of the brand’s boutiques.

If you are curious then here is Lush’s dream code on Animal Crossing : DA-7313-2344-6006. Getting to Lush Island couldn’t be easier. First step, have a Nintendo Switch Online account to be able to connect to the Internet. Lay down on any bed, and ask to see Serena. If this is the first time, she will give you a little rundown on island dreams. Once done, you will be able to enter the code above and take a leisurely stroll on Lush Island, without being able to modify it.

lush animal crossing island
Credit: Nintendo / Lush

Leave social networks for… video games?

A few months after the Facebook Files scandal, and Lush’s announcement to boycott social networks, this approach may seem quite surprising. Indeed, video games are far from being a stable and healthy environment, at least for many of them. And yet, we still remember the words of Lush CEO Mark Constantine, who said:

We want to connect with you in places that take care of you and your mental health. I have spent my whole life avoiding harmful ingredients in my products. There is now overwhelming evidence that we are put at risk when we use social media. I am not prepared to expose my clients to this harm.

Sure, Animal Crossing is not just any online game. With his mind feel good and its cute little animals, the Japanese game puts everything on its side against online games based on violence, by promoting routine, discussion and relaxation. A wise choice therefore for Lush, and for other brands which have already shared a communication via this tool.

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