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Photoshop is the most complete and professional photo editing program that we can find today on the net. Thanks to it we can make all kinds of changes, and touch-ups, to our photos. And even use it to design and draw like a pro. However, it is a fairly expensive program, it takes a long time to do things given its professionalism, and its use can be complicated if we do not have previous experience with it. But Adobe also wants to address less knowledgeable users so everyone can make amazing photo montages. And, for this, it has a special version called photoshopelements.

Photoshop Elements is a special version of the photo editing program intended for home consumers and users who do not have much time to retouch photos, nor the knowledge to make advanced montages. This program relies heavily on Adobe’s AI, Sensei, to simplify and automate all kinds of editing and retouching.

In addition to being able to load a “blank canvas” to make manual adjustments, we can also make use of “guided edits” that allow us, for example, to remove unwanted objects, combine the colors of two photos, change the sky, and much more. plus.

Also, unlike the editing program, Photoshop Elements has a different business model, since by only paying for the license once we can use that version of the program forever, without subscriptions. Of course, when a new version comes out we will have to pay again if we are interested in its news. Or, if not, continue using the version that we have bought without problems.

Just a few days ago, Adobe announced the launch of the new Photoshop Elements 2023. This version comes with new templates, a much more advanced use of AI, new templates and overlays, and a very interesting novelty that, without a doubt, edits our photos as if it were magic.

Animate any part of a photo with one click

One of the novelties of this new version of Photoshop is the possibility of animating any part of a photo with just one click. Thanks to it we can give much more life to our photos and make them look like unique animations. To do this, we just need to open the program and load it, in professional editing mode, with the photo that we are going to animate.

Once inside, we display the “Improvement” panel, at the top, and select the option of “Moving Elements”«.

It will automatically load the photo that we already had in the open program, and we can start with the edition. In the first step we will have to select the part that we want to animate. On the one hand, we can use a smart selection, to automatically mark the sky or the background of the image, while on the other hand we can select the element we want ourselves.

Photoshop Elements 2023 - Animate Photo Part 2

In the second step, we simply have to drag the arrow that appears to the image, and indicate which way we want the animation to take place. We can also adjust the speed of the animation to give it the personal touch that interests us. And ready.

We will automatically see how the image is already animated. Now, with the “Export” button we can choose to either save the image as a video in MP4, or as a GIF image.

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