AnkerWork B600, an all-in-one conference bar

Anker Innovations has presented in Spain the AnkerWork B600, an all-in-one conference bar that was seen for the first time at CES 2022, and that is designed to integrate everything we may need to enjoy high-quality video calls and video conferencesand anywhere in the world.

The AnkerWork B600 has a high resolution camera capable of working on 2,560 x 1,440 pixelsintegrates four long-range microphones with VoiceRadar technology, has two speakers that offer quality sound and has a panel with LED lighting that improves ambient light even in dark locations.

The microphones that the AnkerWork B600 integrates have intelligent noise reduction technology, and the LED lighting system works automatically, which translates into significant versatility since, as we have mentioned, this system will help us to show our best face even in those spaces where ambient lighting is poor, or almost non-existent.

In this sense, the MagicSightTM intelligent lighting technology that integrates the AnkerWork B600 can compensate for the lighting conditions of any workspace. Through the 2K camera, the built-in algorithm analyzes facial light and calculates the ideal lighting required for a perfect image. With that information, it automatically adjusts the integrated LED panel to make sure the meeting looks perfect. We can also control the brightness settings and color temperature manually through the dedicated app.

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The VoiceRadar technology that integrates the microphones isolates and enhances vocals of those who participate in video calls, something that, together with the noise reduction that we already referred to, translates into first-rate quality. For its part, the speakers are capable of offering a high volume with a distortion of less than 1%.

As for the camera, it works with 2K resolution at a maximum of 30 frames per second, and offers an adjustable viewing angle from 65 to 90 degrees. It is also supported by artificial intelligence, which takes care of controlling features like autofocus, zoom, and automatic image quality enhancement. The AnkerWork B600 is available for a price of €229.99.

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