Announced the first jailbreak for iOS 15

Odyssey Team, a well-known group in the community of hacking by previous developments, has announced the first jailbreak for iOS 15Apple’s latest stable operating system for iPhone mobiles.

In case you do not know this type of techniques of jailbreaknote that it allows break closed environment that Apple imposes on its ecosystem and squeeze the potential of an iPhone without the limitations of the company. Similar in goals to Android rooting, it allows full access to the iOS operating system and the installation of apps, themes or games outside the official store and other blocked functions.

It must be said that the jailbreak has been losing users after the “bolt” that Apple has put into the code in the latest versions of iOS and the patches that it has been introducing to stop it. The development community has been losing interest in the face of greater difficulty and the closure of some of the largest app repositories has ended up ending the golden age of these tools.

Nor has the threat of “warranty void” and the “security issues” cited by the Cupertino firm, although it should be clarified that these techniques are perfectly legal under the norm Digital Millennium Copyright Act and that the security aspects are like everything else, it depends on what the user does and, in addition, the official stores are not free from malware either.

First jailbreak for iOS 15

That said, it must be said that there are millions of users who still use these techniques. Until now, the last effective ones were for iOS 14 and earlier versions of the operating system. But the development of the first for iOS 15, the latest version, has just been announced.

Under the code name ‘Cheyote’, the development is the responsibility of Odyssey Team, one of the best known groups. “The jailbreak itself is making good progress, and we hope to be able to implement it in the near future with support for iOS versions 15.0-15.1.1 at launch, while we look at the ability to do so in the latest version 15.4.1 as well″explained a person in charge of the group on reddit.

The technique used and if any vulnerability is involved is not known. It must be said that the Jailbreak implies a privilege escalation which usually works by exploiting security flaws in iOS to give users root access and full control. It must be said that although the security of the devices remains intact, root access allows you to install alternative software, so extreme precautions against malware should be taken. They promise more jailbreak information for iOS 15 shortly.

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