Anonymous hackers declare war on Russia in support of Ukraine

The war between Ukraine and Russia is raging on the ground, but it is also taking place in the digital world. Anonymous hackers have announced a cyber war in Russia, and many websites have already been hacked.

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On Twitter, a member of Anonymous confirmed that the “collective” (although members often clarify that Anonymous is not a group, but an ideology) officially went to war against Russia. ” Anonymous is currently involved in operations against the Russian Federation. Our operations target the Russian government. It is inevitable that the private sector will also be affected “, can we read on the social network.

Hackers Anonymous have claimed responsibility for cyberattacks on Thursday evening which took down a number of websites identified as those of the Russian government. Hackers have also launched numerous Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against influential news sites in Russia such as

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The digital war is also at the center of Ukraine’s concerns

Although Russian soldiers are currently wreaking havoc in Ukraine’s defense lines, the country is also facing numerous attacks on the Internet. Yesterday, for example, Ukraine was the victim of a massive cyberattack which allowed Russia to delete all data from several hundred machines thanks to malware.

To retaliate, Ukraine has formed an army of hackers, supported by hackers from different European countries. To put all the chances on its side, the country has also called on the Ukrainian cybercommunity on a forum to strengthening Ukraine’s cyber defense.

The support of Anonymous therefore comes at the right time for the country which is resisting the invader as best it can. Earlier today, an Anonymous account claimed the Kremlin, Russian government and Russian Ministry of Defense websites taken offlinewhile another user announced that he took the website of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia offline for a short time.

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