Anonymous hacks several Russian media, hackers continue the offensive

After officially announcing its entry into cyberwar against Russia, the hacker collective Anonymous has just claimed responsibility for a major cyberattack against Russian media. Several news sites in the country were paralyzed.

anonymous hack russia
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As war rages in Ukraine, the hacker collective Anonymous has decided to enter into a cyber war against Russia. Since last week, many websites affiliated with the Russian government have already been crippled by DDoS attacks, denial of service attacks. This is particularly the case of the information site, the official site of the Kremlin or that of the Russian Ministry of Defense. All these sites, including that of Russia Today, were still inaccessible on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Of course, this was only the first step in Anonymous’ hacker attack plan. In effect, the collective continues its offensive against Russian infrastructure and claimed today a new cyberattack against several Russian media, including those of state agencies. Thus, the websites of the country’s main news agencies such as TASS and RIA Novosti, that of the Kommersant newspaper, the pro-Putin daily Izvestia and the Forbes Russia magazine all displayed a message on their homepage urging “end the invasion of Ukraine”.

Russian media hacking
Credits: Twitter

Anonymous paralyzes the sites of many Russian media

The TASS agency has also confirmed on Twitter the complete paralysis of its site: “The official website of our news agency has been hacked. We are working to bring it back online. At the same time, the online resources of other major Russian media were attacked and hacked”.

In order to disrupt government communication and to push the Russian populations to question this conflict, the Anonymous collective has embedded several messages on these popular sites of the country. “In a few years, we will live like in North Korea. Why do we need this? For Putin to end up in the history books? This is not our war, let’s stop it! could be read on the cover page of certain sites.

Note that this maneuver is much more complex to set up than a simple denial of service attack, the modification of the content of the home page of a website requiring gain access to all targeted systems. Obviously, it was only a formality for the hackers of Anonymous. The collective has already planned other attacks in the days to come. As a reminder, Ukraine is currently seeking to compose an army of hackers to retaliate against Russia’s cyberattacks.

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