Anonymous keeps up the pressure on Russia

Since the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and RussiaAnonymous has been quite active in putting pressure on Russia, adopting the banner of hacktivism with the most varied actions, all of them against Putin and his interests in this war. In this case, we have seen and are seeing yet another example of how hacktivism can play a very important role in certain contexts.

Pierluigi Paganini, a cybersecurity expert, has been compiling for some time the actions carried out on behalf of Anonymous against Russian interests, and in just the last three days he has counted no less than five actions directed against Russian interests, which shows us that, despite the fact that the conflict is dragging on over time, Anonymous’s position has not cooled down at all. On the contrary, and as they said almost immediately after the first aggressions by Russia, they have not ceased their efforts against this objective.

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These are the five objectives of this latest round of attacks:

  • Tendertech: Company in the financial sector, specializing in the management and processing of documents. Anonymous claims to have stolen 426,000 emails and leaked a total of 160 gigabytes of exfiltrated information.
  • GUOV i GS: Civil construction company, owned by the Russian Ministry of Defense, entity for which it carries out construction projects. Anonymous claims to have stolen 15,600 emails and leaked a 9.5 gigabyte file.
  • Synesis Surveillance System: Company responsible for the Synesys and Kipod surveillance systems, Anonymous claims to have been able to hack both.
  • Neocom Geoservice: Engineering company specializing in the exploration of oil and gas fields and in providing support services for drilling. Anonymous claims to have stolen 87,500 emails and to have leaked no less than 107 gigabytes of digital assets.
  • Gaz region: As you may have already deduced from its name, in this case we are talking about a company in the energy sector, more specifically a construction company specializing in gas pipelines and associated facilities. In this case, a triplicate attack occurred, resulting in 222 gigabytes of leaked assets.

Thus, as we can verify, hacktivism has maintained the focus on the financial, security and energy sectors, three important props for Russia in its current situation. In addition, the pace of work is, as we can see, more than remarkable, which, together with what happened in the case of Gazregion, makes it clear to us that there are many people involved in the attacks on Russia and its interests, which in turn time shows us the convening power that Anonymous has today.

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