Another LEGO set you’re going to want: the DeLorean from Back to the Future!

Even if you get a time machine, you will not be able to become a child again, that carefree stage in which you only had to go to school, play constructions and watch cartoons instead of thinking about bills, working and Paying taxes. the people of LEGO You know we can’t go back to that time in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play with your products again. For this reason, more and more kits are being launched on the market directly cataloged as games for adults. The new set who joins this collection is the DeLorean’s Return to the future.

“Are you telling me that you have built a time machine… with LEGO?”

LEGO has reached an agreement with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment to produce for the first time a set of the trilogy time machine Return to the future. The set has been advertised in style. The Danes have presented the product at Universal Studios in Hollywood, the place where the movies were shot. In the promotional images, one of the models that were used during filming has even been used.

The set will feature 1,872 pieces and it will be modular. In other words, it will have a series of optional bricks with which you will be able to create the DeLorean as it was seen. in each of the three films. All three versions cannot be created at the same time, but you can take the toy apart as many times as you like to switch from one design to another. On the other hand, the time machine will be full of detailsLike the illuminated flux capacitor, the dates printed on the dashboard, the interchangeable license plates or a bunch of easter eggs that you can discover yourself when you have the set in your hands.

LEGO has been very enthusiastic about this new product, but even more illusion has made Sven Francis, the designer who has been in charge of the project. Apparently the movies Return to the future marked his childhood, so working on the design of the LEGO DeLorean It has been a challenge and also a way to remember those old days. According to Frank, Return to the future and LEGO have a very important element in common: the timelessness. And that has been the creative concept that they have captured and developed with this new set that they hope will be a success.

Price and availability

Says Bob Gale, screenwriter and co-producer of the film trilogy of Return to the future that Doc Brown devoted 30 years of his life and nearly all of his family’s money to building his famous time machine. Luckily, if you want to get this LEGO set, you won’t have to invest so much time or money. The LEGO Back to the Future set will be available from next Friday April 1 for 169.99 eurosand you can book it directly from the lego official website if you don’t want to run out of your unit.

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