Another millionaire NFT madness: an unreleased song by Whitney Houston

The Miami Art Week It has been celebrated this year between November 29 and December 4. All kinds of contemporary works and modern, becoming a showcase for established artists. This edition was also the first in which the NFT they have had weight. The OneOf Music Auction House took the opportunity to show an unpublished batch of NFTs from Whitney Houston, one of them, with a model that never made it to production. The auction has been completed this week, and has been sold for no less than a a million dollars.

OneOf auctions unpublished model of Whitney Houston

The music industry it also wants its niche within the NFTs. We have already seen it a few times with artists such as Eminem or The Weekend. The NFTs are already on everyone’s lips, and this edition of Miami Art Week, it seems that nothing else has been talked about. The marketplace musical OneOf took advantage of the event to launch a series of unpublished products from the career of Whitney Houston, the artist known as The Voice who left us almost ten years ago.

There have been several NFTs that have been traded on music, but those that have had a leading role have been those related to the American artist. Everything turned upside down when OneOf presented a NFT absolutely unique and unpublished. A song by the artist totally unknown until now. Specifically, this topic, which never saw the light of day, is a demo that Whitney Houston recorded when she was just 17 years old.

The auction of the model was completed on the night of December 14th, where a buyer came to offer the large sum of $ 999,999. The rest of the products would end up selling as well, collecting a total of $ 1.1 million in sales. The winner of the auction will have access to the song, never heard before. In addition, the demo is mounted together with a video of also unpublished illustrations by the artist Diana Sinclair, where exclusive photographs of the singer’s life are also shown.

The money will go to charitable causes

The Benefits obtained by the Houston family from the sales of these products will go to the Whitney E. Houston Foundation, which is dedicated to the education and training of young people to prepare them for the future. This has been made known by Pat Houston, who was the artist’s manager and sister-in-law, who also feels very satisfied that the legate of whitney serve to expand the technology of the current era.

He has also recognized that it has been a success to have the help of Diana Sinclair, An Artist specialized in NFTs which, like Whitney in the mockup, he is also 17 years old. Despite her age, Sinclair has already been featured in numerous publications by Tean Vogue, Hyperbeast, The Guardian and has been named by The Guardian as one of the most influential people in the world of NFTs.

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