Another must-play retro game comes free with Amazon Prime Gaming

In El Output we have a weakness, and it is the graphic adventures of LucasArts. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of us, we’ll devour it over and over again, so if Prime Video is willing to give us another adventure, we’re going to quickly add it to the games library to download it for free and play it as many times as necessary. And if it is on top Maniac Mansionwell better than better.

A legend of Point and Click

The giant has announced that this July it is going to give away four other games in addition to the more than 25 games it already offers for Prime Day, and one of them will be the legendary Maniac Mansion. This great graphic adventure from Lucasarts was the one that first introduced the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), so as you can imagine, it laid a large part of the foundations of what many today know as a graphic adventure.

The game put us in the shoes of 3 friends who decide to look for their missing friend. Suspicion leads him to the Edison family mansion, where a mad scientist is possessed by a meteorite that recently fell in her garden. You will have control of three different characters to choose from eight, and your mission is none other than to rescue Sandy.

As you progress through the adventure you will see that the mansion is truly crazy, and that nothing there makes sense. But all that craziness is going to be hilarious, and all of that is the best thing about the game.

More free games

The other three games aren’t particularly great, but they’re always interesting to have in your library to check out later. In Suzerainwe will enjoy a text-based role-playing event where we will put ourselves in the shoes of a president who must lead a nation, Sordland.

Fishing: North Atlantic is a boat fishing game on the high seas, where you will have to design the routes, choose baits and define the day of fishing to get the most booty possible.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark It is an RPG with a very handcrafted artistic plan that will allow you to configure many variables to design very complex and perfectly orchestrated battles.

games for now Are not avaliablessince you will have to wait until July 3 to appear in the Amazon Prime Gaming section. That’s when you can add them to your Amazon Games library and start playing it.

Love for graphic adventures

Amazon has been giving away incredible graphic adventures for several months. After Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and three Monkey Islandthe arrival of Maniac Mansion It is a Lucasarts poker adventure that many will dream of being able to play again for the first time. So now you know, if you haven’t played them yet, there is no better time than now to start this irremediable master of Point and Click adventures. And by the way, if you get itchy on the subject and you are curious about this type of game, we recommend the book The Art of Point and Click Adventura Games, which through interviews with titans of the industry of those years, reviews the golden age of those games that many enjoyed.

The Amazon link is part of the affiliate program for which we receive a small commission in case of purchase. Our duty is none other than to recommend this book, since we believe it is essential for every gamer’s library.

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