Another successful video game is going to be adapted into a series and a film!

The Hazelight studio reveals future adaptation projects for its last nugget released in 2021, which we loved!

The year 2021 has been a particularly rich year for video game releases, and 2022 promises to continue in this momentum. But a game’s success often doesn’t end when it’s received a few months after release. The fashion for adaptations wants a popular video game work to continue to live in the hearts of players in the most visual way possible: through series or films.

Not long ago, we revealed the list of video game adaptations expected for 2022, and you can now add one more. The Hazelight studio has indeed announced the small and big screen porting of the title It Takes Two, a cooperative game that has particularly marked us in 2021. Published by EA, the title is one of our favorite games of the last year, and undoubtedly of our entire gaming career.

The project is in experienced hands

It is the company dj2 Entertainment which will take care of bringing the formidable adventure to these new platforms, in the form of a series and a film. For the latter, it is Casey and Josh Miller who will take care of the adaptation, after having worked on the screenplay of the film. sonic. It should be noted that this is therefore not the first experience of the company in the adaptation of video games, it which is also requested for the ports of tomb Raider or Disco Elysium.

For the moment, very little information is available to us concerning the plots of these two productions, or even if they will be animated, in live-action, or a mixture of the two as for sonic. It therefore goes without saying that no release window has been revealed, and that the project is even still in its infancy.

A game to discover absolutely!

As a reminder, and for those who do not yet know this game, It Takes Two is a game that must be played by two people, who respectively embody one of the members of a couple in difficulty. The goal is to immerse yourself in the memories, dreams or even the unspoken of your partner to resolve the existing tensions between the two characters. It then combines a rich adventure, endearing characters, and the most breathtaking artistic direction we have seen in a few years.

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