Answered: Your Buffalo Blitz questions

Deep within the long grasses and wild plains of the virtual casino floor, you may be able to spot a few wild animals roaming around – including a buffalo!

One slot series that features such a wild beast is Buffalo Blitz, a slot set in the American Plains, showcasing creatures you’d find wandering the lands. With a slot series of games dedicated to just this, we wanted to answer any question you may have about Buffalo Blitz, so the next time you decide to trek into the wild lands, you’ll know exactly what to find and where to find it.

Follow us into the deep grassy plains as we answer your Buffalo Blitz questions.

What is the aim of the Buffalo Blitz slot?

The aim of the game is to aid the mighty buffalo in stampeding the reels, by spinning in as many of them as possible within a single spin.

The more buffalos you spin onto the reels, the more winning lines you’ll potentially create. And if this wasn’t enough, the buffalo is the highest paying symbol found on the Buffalo Blitz reels.

What other games can be found in the Buffalo Blitz series?

There’s a wide range of games within the series for you to discover, including Buffalo Blitz II, Buffalo Blitz Megaways and you can even play Buffalo Blitz Live, where you’re joined by a real-life host streamed from a specialist studio.

What theme is Buffalo Blitz?

This slot is set in the wild American Plains, which can be seen behind the game grid.

What is the game grid comprised of?

There are six reels and four rows creating the game grid of Buffalo Blitz.

What symbols are spinning around the Buffalo Blitz reels?

  • Playing card symbols – 9, 10, J, Q, K and A
  • A moose
  • A bear
  • A racoon
  • A mountain lion
  • A buffalo – the star of the slot
  • ‘Free Games’ scatter
  • A diamond wild

How many ways are there to win in Buffalo Blitz?

Amazingly, there are 4,096 ways you could create a combination resulting in a win. Not only this, but the creators of the slot, Playtech, have also added in features such as stacking wilds and free spins.

How do you unlock the free spins?

To activate the Free Spins Blitz feature hiding within the Buffalo Blitz reels, all you need to do is land three or more scatter symbols on the reels, within the same spin.

How many ‘Free Games’ scatter symbols you land, determine how many free spins you’ll receive:

  • Three scatter symbols – 8 free spins
  • Four scatter symbols – 15 free spins
  • Five scatter symbols – 25 free spins
  • Six scatter symbols – 100 free spins

When using your free spins, you can unlock further free spins by landing three or more scatter symbols within these spins. Any additional free spins won, will be added to your spins total. So, there is a potential to wager one spin, which could result in you winning 200 free spins if the reels are in your favour.

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