Anti-vaccine couple that consumed “fake news” died of Covid-19 and orphaned five children

A Virginia marriage who believed that the Covid-19 and vaccines were a sham died just a few days apart after get the disease caused by this type of coronavirus, US media reported.

Evidently, Kevin and Misty Mitchem, 48 and 46 years old respectively, they were not vaccinated against Covid-19 and they became seriously ill, for which they had to be hospitalized; according to their relatives, they used to see memes and at the same time (mis) inform yourself on the internet about the pandemic and they had decided not to be immunized because the disease was not real and, consequently, they would never catch it.

But things did not happen like this. Mike Mitchem, Kevin’s brother, related in an interview with The Washington Post that the first to fall ill was his sister-in-law, and that she died a few days after being hospitalized and died of Covid-19. Within two weeks, what had started as a cough became complicated and Kevin was taken to the same hospital, where he was told he was also infected.

The man had complications derived from this disease and had to be connected to a fan. His brother said that before being intubated, he asked the doctors to vaccinate him, but it was too late. It was then that he called his parents by phone and confessed that he was very afraid of dying and that he wished he had listened to his family when they insisted that he get vaccinated. Then he died.

They left five children, but many were vaccinated after their death

The Mitchems they orphaned five children, four who procreated together: 11-year-old twins and two girls who are 14 and 17 years old, but also a 22-year-old girl, the result of Kevin’s previous relationship. The children were heartbroken and crying at their parents’ funerals, and after that they moved to South Carolina to be in the care of their aunt – Misty’s sister – the NY Post reported.

Mike Mitchem also reported that many people in his community have approached him and his family and told them that they did not believe in Covid-19 or vaccines against this disease, but that they hThey had decided to get vaccinated after learning the unfortunate story of Kevin and Misty.

Likewise, the relatives of this deceased marriage have called on people to be immunized against the new coronavirus, but also to internet users and social networks, to be responsible for the information they share and disseminate, and to believe in the “fake news” it takes lives and causes pain in the families of those who die.

With information from NY Post and The Washington Post


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