AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU, 32-inch high-performance

Not even the best of computers will provide us with a fully satisfactory experience if we do not have a monitor to match, something that has special application in the world of gaming, but also in the creation and editing of content and similar activities, in which the screen performance adds (or subtracts) a lot of points. this AGON AG325QZN, which has just been presented by AOC It is, without a doubt, a very attractive option, since it combines high performance with a more than competitive price.

This new screen, which is part of AOC’s AGON 5 series, stands out for its large Fast VA panel, with 31.5 inches (80 centimeters) and its QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels in an orthodox 16:9 aspect ratio). It can reach a refresh rate of up to 240 hertz and a response time of only 1 millisecond GtG and 0.5 ms MPRT, resulting in a blur-free and lag-free gaming experience. As for its contrast ratio, it reaches no less than an impressive 3000:1, which in dynamic contrast scales up to 80,000,000:1.

AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU, 32-inch high-performance

The AGON AG325QZN/EU is also compatible with Adaptive-Sync technology, which eliminates the effect of tearing or cuts in the image by synchronizing the frequency of the monitor with that of the graphics card. Thus, greater immersion and better response are achieved in the most demanding games. Another aspect to highlight about this monitor is its support for the HDR (High Dynamic Range) standard, which improves the contrast and color range of the images. In this regard, the AGON AG325QZN/EU is VESA DisplayHDR 400 certifiedwhich means that it can reach a maximum brightness of 400 nits and has 8 local dimming zones to adjust the lighting independently. Thanks to this, the monitor can reproduce HDR content in videos and games with greater color fidelity without this resulting in “burnt” or shadow areas.

The design of the AGON AG325QZN/EU is also designed for gamers, since it has some very fine frames which, in addition to making it visually quite attractive, favor the use of several screens with a practically continuous image. For this purpose, as well as to adjust it to our specific needs, it has a metal support adjustable in height, inclination, rotation and orientation (tilt (-5/23°), height (150 mm), rotation (-20/20° ) and pivot orientation (90°)). In addition, it incorporates a USB 3.2 hub with 4 ports and one upstream USB port to PC. As for the video inputs, it has two HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort 1.4.

AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU, 32-inch high-performance

The AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU is a very complete and versatile gaming monitor, which, although it is mainly aimed at the world of gaming, can also be very useful in many contexts, from photo and video editing to working with large spreadsheets. size. Its recommended price is 579 euros and it will be available in Spain in March. If you want to know more about this monitor, you can visit its official website. (

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