AOC CU34P2C, an all-terrain monitor for the daily battle

AOC CU34P2C is the latest model that the manufacturer specializing in display screens has added to its catalog of P2 monitors, oriented to the daily battle in companies, offices and also for the demanding consumer who requires an all-rounder for all computer use.

The monitor is based on a panel VA curved with 1500R radius and 34 inches diagonal. It offers a native resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels in widescreen format with a 21:9 aspect ratio. With these wickers, it can be used as a single model replacing multi-monitor systems.


The AOC CU34P2C has a static contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a maximum brightness of 300 nits. The manufacturer promises deep blacks and rich, saturated colors with wide color gamut support, 120% for sRGB and 89% for AdobeRGB, and good viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Designed to fit into modern homes and offices, the CU34P2C’s stand’s aluminum finish complements its sleek three-sided borderless design. The monitor comes with a fully ergonomic support offering a generous 150mm of height adjustment, as well as a wide range of swivel and tilt angles. The base can also be equipped with AOC’s VESA-P2 bracket to fit a mini-PC to create an all-in-one system and a neat and tidy workspace.

AOC CU34P2C, an off-road monitor for the daily battle 29

Another connectivity highlight is the USB-C port and with a single cable, you can plug in a laptop, and start charging/powering it using the CU34P2C as the primary display, while accessing other USB powered devices such as an external drive, a webcam or an audio device, thanks to the included 4-port USB hub. It is also equipped with two 3W speakers and a headphone jack.

AOC CU34P2C, off-road, even gaming

Although AOC focuses this monitor on the needs of music producers, video editors, streamers and in general any computer use, considering that it is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming screens as we recently saw in the analysis of the AOC AG254FG, it is not it forgets about the players, and, without being a specialized model, it also allows you to play thanks to its update frequency of 100 Hz, 1 millisecond response time and support for Adaptive-Sync technology.

AOC CU34P2C, an off-road monitor for the daily battle 31

The AOC CU34P2C will be available from May 2022 for a price of €619.

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