AOC Introduces Gaming Mouse, AGON AGM600

You will know AGON by AOC as the Taiwanese manufacturer’s brand of gaming monitors. But it also has another group of interesting peripherals and accessories like the one we are presenting to you today: the AGON AGM600 mouse.

A good mouse is essential for great gamers, especially in games where high precision is required such as action, FPS or electronic sports. To do this, the AGON AGM600 features the Pixart PMW3389 sensor, which supports a resolution of 16,000 dots per inch, 50g acceleration, 1ms/1000Hz polling rate, and 400 inches per second tracking accuracy. These values ​​are crucial for fast and precise movement without interruptions or glitches.

It must also be durable and this mouse features Kailh certified switches for 80 million clicks. And ergonomic, for which the peripheral has an arched form factor that supports right-handed “palm” or “claw” grip types. The skin-friendly UV-coated matte protective layer ensures a comfortable touch for the user’s hand, while the double-injected silicone side panels ensure a secure grip to prevent slipping from the player’s hand during long sessions. of game.

Teflon mats on the underside of the AGM600 ensure that it is easily manageable on different types of mats or surfaces. As a lightweight mouse, the AGM600 weighs 115g, not counting the included 1.8m braided cable for connection to a PC via a USB port.

AGON AGM600, full customization

The AGON AGM600 is equipped with a total of 10 fully customizable buttons. In addition to the typical left/right mouse buttons, it features a metal scroll wheel/button and three shoulder buttons (forward/back and sniper button), which are easily accessible with your thumb.

Also, below the scroll wheel, the AGM600 has two easy DPI increase/decrease buttons, a great feature when users need to decrease or increase DPI to easily cover the entire screen with the cursor. Lastly, the AGM600 features two additional buttons on the side of the left mouse button, which by default allow users to adjust the volume on the fly.

All management of mouse functions can be done from the G-Menu software, which is also used in the brand’s monitors, keyboards, headphones and other accessories. The mouse has been certified for NVIDIA Reflex technology, which reports latency and responsiveness. If you connect a monitor with this tool, like the AOC AG254FG that we had a chance to review, it can accurately display total system latency for each component.

Finally, point out the backlight which includes, on its front that illuminates the AGON logo and surrounds its lower part and the Light FX RGB LEDs, which can be synchronized with selected AGON by AOC or AOC Gaming products. AGON AGM600 will be available from October 2022 with an RRP of €54.90. Good gaming mouse and a fairly tight price for its features.

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