AOC u27v4ea review, affordable 4K

The evolution of the workplace has led to many changes in the way people work and also in the technology and features of the devices we use to carry out our work. One of the elements that have evolved are the monitors of which we currently demand more resolution and larger size so that, on the one hand, we can have all the applications we need to perform our tasks on the screen and, on the other hand, an image quality that protects our visual health and allow us to work more comfortably.

This is not to mention that more and more, especially if we are talking about working from home, monitors have to offer features compatible with leisure and be able to offer that quality also when watching movies or playing games. There are many debates about which are the most suitable formats and resolutions but in reality it all depends on the activity we carry out. Intuitively we can understand that the more applications on the screen we need, the more screen size and resolution will be necessary.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 31

Analyzed model AOC u27v4ea
Panel type IPS
Size / inch 27 inches
Native resolution 3840 × 2160
Connectivity 2 HDMI 2.0, 1 DisplayPort 1.2
Brightness 350 cd / m²
Contrast ratio 1,000: 1 (static)
GTG response time 4 ms
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Synchronization Adaptive Sync
Display colors
1070 million
Retro lighting W-LED
€ 369.40

Although the 24 inches could be enough for many tasks little by little the monitors of 27 inches and higher are conquering tables and desks. It’s apparently a few inches, but anyone who’s gone from 21 or 24 inches to a size will appreciate the increased usable area to work with. In addition, the highest resolutions will be found in the largest panels. Said in silver: if what we are looking for is a 4K monitor we are talking about 27 inches or higher.

The right budget

This is obviously an increase in the budget, but there are already many manufacturers that offer this combination (4K resolution and 27 inches) for a really affordable price for the features they offer. AOC is a recognized Taiwanese brand of monitor manufacturing in whose catalog we often find true champions when it comes to quality and price. In this case we have had the opportunity to test its AOC u27v4ea model that meets the two conditions that we have mentioned: 27 inches and 4K resolution.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 33

The first thought when unpacking this AOC model is how much progress has been made in terms of monitors also in terms of design, especially in regards to the depth of the monitor and the thickness of the frames, which are almost non-existent in the top, right and left of this model. The base is also minimalist and takes up very little space on the table. It is something that at first can be somewhat disturbing but the truth is that during the tests, even with varying the tilt of the screen, the monitor has been perfectly stable.

On the front, at the bottom right, just below the screen, we find the buttons for powering up and configuring the operation of the monitor. On the front we can see the labels that allow us to know what each button is for. As they are engraved in black with a black background, it is somewhat difficult to distinguish them, but on the other hand this preserves the clean and minimalist design of the front in which only the brand logo stands out.

Monitor setup

As the monitor configuration is not something that we have to do very often, it is not a major difficulty. In addition, the shape of the buttons helps us to recognize their position by touch, so with a little practice we will get hold of the controls. Within the configuration possibilities, in addition to selecting the input, controlling the brightness and other common options, we can also choose whether to activate the dynamic contrast ratio and we can choose between different HDR modes.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 35

A very interesting point is the ability of the monitor to activate the synchronization mode of the refresh rate or Adapive Sync that will adapt the display modes of the monitor with the refresh capacity of the graphics card or the console. In fact, it is a great advantage to get the most out of the new generation consoles. We will have a maximum of 60Hz in 4K resolution mode but more than enough for most games especially considering the price of the monitor.

Good for games

Speaking of its operation with games, it is also possible to choose several parameters to optimize the use of the monitor with them. We can choose several game modes to optimize the experience, from first-person shooter games, racing games or strategy games where the response of the screen or image quality will prevail in each case. You can also individually adjust parameters such as reducing blur or blur with motion images, reducing the video input lag, or increasing the panel response.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 37

There is also the option to choose between different HDR modes, although it is somewhat confusing because the monitor does not have support for this technology. The fact is that when choosing between one of the three modes (picture, game or movies) the brightness, contrast and color temperature settings change. We can also define different responses for color temperature or dynamic contrast ratio in the corresponding menu.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 39

The connection section is somewhat limited but sufficient, especially considering the price. On the back we find two HDMI 2.0 connectors and a Display Port 1.2 connection in addition to a headphone connector and the one for the external power supply. As we have pointed out, the base is small in size and the support does not allow a too wide tilt variation since we can only tilt the screen between -5 and 23 degrees.

Color fidelity

Regarding image quality and before carrying out the tests we review specifications. It is an IPS panel so we are assured of a good color response and a good viewing angle. According to the specifications, this angle of view covers 178 degrees while the color reproduction covers 112% of the sRGB color range and 83% of that defined by Adobe. It is capable of displaying 4K images with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz and the screen has a brightness of 350 cd / m2. The contrast ratio reaches 20 million to 1 in dynamic and 1,000 to 1 in static. The response of each pixel is 4 milliseconds.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 41

In testing we found color fidelity to be very adequate with rich, natural tones. Factory calibration is very suitable with particular attention to gradients that appear smooth and without obvious jumps. We have also detected good performance in contrast, although it is not its most outstanding virtue, with a uniform back lighting that barely reveals the typical halo of IPS panels.

When using it with demanding games, the seams of this model are somewhat visible but still its management of moving images is very good for a 60Hz monitor, especially if we activate the overdrive function. Again, you have to take into account both the price range and that of an off-road monitor. Video playback tests have shown excellent response, even in action scenes. We have only been able to put it in difficulty with especially dark scenes in which the contrast is maximum and even so the quality is more than remarkable.


Little by little, a 4K monitor is ceasing to be a whim to become a reasonable option. Not only because there are more and more content and games compatible with that resolution, but also because for professional tasks a high resolution makes more sense to be able to handle more tools at the same time but at the same time take care of eye health, closely related to the quality of the eye. the image we are meant to see for hours.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 43

In this sense, the AOC u27v4ea monitor presents a perfect solution for those who need to work in 4K with a reasonable screen size and a price within everyone’s reach. It is a monitor with a more than reasonable quality and a minimalist design that adapts to any home and work environment with an excellent color response and even with configuration possibilities that allow it to be quite competent when it comes to displaying images of the more demanding games.

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 45

AOC u27v4ea Review, Affordable 4K 47

Final assessment


This AOC model has a perfect balance in features that even allow it to have a good response in games with an affordable price considering that it is a 27-inch 4K resolution.

Build quality7

Installation and configuration8.5

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