Apart from buying, what can you do in an Apple Store?

The Apple Store is practically a cult place for all lovers of the apple brand. In addition, the vast majority of them, despite being very similar, always have special details that make them unique and why they are worth visiting. Well, in this post we want to tell you what you can do in an Apple Store, apart from buying, obviously.

Repair equipment and learn how to use it.

One of the main functions of the Apple Store, beyond being a place where you can buy Apple devices, is the main meeting point for all those users who need to repair some of their equipment. The most advisable thing to do is to try to make an appointment in advance to make sure that the professionals at the Apple Store can attend to you perfectly.

The most recommended way to repair a device from the Cupertino company is, without a doubt, going to an Apple Store and leaving it in the hands of its technical service. And it is that, one of the main values ​​that has to buy in Apple is the after sales service which the client then receives.

Another of the most outstanding activities carried out in the Apple Store is learning to use the products of the Cupertino company. The famous workshops, better known as Today At Appleallow all users the opportunity to attend so that they are trained professionals in the field who teach you how to get the most out of each device.

Also, fortunately there are workshops that adapt to all the needs of different users, from those who have just bought their first iPhone, to expert iPad users who want to continue learning and squeezing a product that has incredible capabilities. From the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida, without a doubt we encourage you, especially if you have just arrived in the Apple world or ecosystem, to make use of these workshops completely free to be able to make the most of the piece of equipment you have in your hands.

Other actions you can take

Beware that in the Apple Store you can not only go to buy, to repair your device or to learn how to make the most of it 100%. Fortunately for all lovers of technology, not just Apple, the act of going to an Apple Store is also synonymous with go tinker and, why not, to test how some devices work.

apple store day

One of the great advantages of the Apple Store is the large number of devices that they have on display so that the people who come to them can take them, use them and, in this way, see what each of the equipment that you can buy in the store is really like. On many occasions, here a server who writes these lines, has gone to an Apple Store simply to see the new color of the iPhone, or to see first-hand how the design of that new product that the Cupertino company has launched has changed. market.

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