APNX, new PC cooling manufacturer, already has a 245W heatsink

In the same way that it is always hard for any manufacturer to start in a market segment in which it had no presence, it is a pleasure for users to see how this happens, since it is always good news to have more to choose from and that There is more competition in the market so that manufacturers are forced to lower prices. APNX it’s a new manufacturer in the PC cooling segment, and has already presented a new case, a fan and, keep an eye on this, a heatsink capable of dissipating up to 245W heat. Let’s see them.

As always happens in these cases, although APNX is like a new brand in the neighborhood, it is actually made up of professionals who already have many years of experience in the industry, and according to the press release they have sent, their objective is to seek excellence in PC gaming components and hardware. All their products are their own design (that is, they are not rebranding) and, according to their claims, they have passed rigorous quality tests before going on the market.

What does APNX have to offer us?

Let’s start with the box, simply called APNX C1 and which is already offered in three different versions: black, white and “Chrome”, which is essentially black but with an iridescent front. The case has an ATX format and is capable of accommodating high-performance hardware without too many impediments, including radiators up to 360 mm long, graphics cards up to 395 mm long and sources up to 270 mm (what they have not said is the maximum height of the heatsink).


This case supports up to 11 fans inside, and from the factory it comes with no less than four fans FP1 own of the house, which is the second of their releases. In total, it has three 140 mm ARGB fans installed in the front and one 120 mm fan in the rear. These fans are capable of operating via PWM at speeds of up to 1,900 RPM.

Then they also have the new fans FP2with ARGB lighting, PWM operation and in this case they are only available for now in 120 mm size.

Finally, we come to what for us is the highlight of this manufacturer, the APNX AP1-V. It is a tower-type heatsink with a fairly compact size that stands out for its sober design thanks to the exterior aluminum cover that does not reveal its aluminum fins or copper heat pipes, but we will have to believe that they are there because the The manufacturer promises that its heat dissipation capacity is up to 245 watts.

APNX heatsink

As you can see in the image, in addition to having an external aluminum casing (which surely also acts as a heatsink) it is not too large in size, taking into account that the fan included from the factory is 120 mm. Of course, it is compatible with all modern sockets from Intel and AMD and is available in black and white.

Price and availability

The manufacturer has just made an appearance on the market, and although in the press release they say that its products are already available, the reality is that for the moment in Spain we will have to wait for them to start arriving in stores. And be careful, because as you will be able to see below, despite being a new manufacturer, it is not exactly cheap…

The APNX C1 case in black costs €149.90, in white €155.90 and in Chrome €169.90, while the 120 mm FP1 ARGB fans cost €10.90 and the 140 mm ones have a price €12.90. Its improved version, the FP2, costs €19.90. Finally, the AP1-V heatsink has a price of €49.90, and this price does seem very interesting to us considering its aluminum cover and that with such a compact size it promises to dissipate 245W of heat. We will see if these promises are real or remain just that, promises.

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