App Store Awards rewards the games and applications of the year 2022 on Apple platforms

Manzana has celebrated the tenth edition of its event App Store Awards to reward the best games and applications of the year 2022, with categories that cover the different platforms developed and maintained by the company, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, to which have been added the best application for Apple Watch, the game of the year at Apple Arcade and five winners for Cultural Impact.

First of all we have Apex Legends Mobile receiving the iPhone Game of the Year award. The Electronic Arts title is a third-person battle royale that competes directly with Epic Games’ Fortnite and seems to have a more than decent iOS version. From our position, this almost sounds like a dart against the company run by Tim Sweeney, especially seeing that Apple and Epic Games have gone to court over the App Store’s restrictions on introducing payment methods within applications.

the award of iPhone App of the Year awarded to BeReal, which is of the social network type and allows users to share photos taken and see what friends on the social network are doing. The main features of BeReal are image sharing and its simplicity.

As we have already said at the beginning, Apple Watch is another of the categories, and for the supposedly intelligent watch of the bitten apple it has been awarded Gentle Streak, a wellness app that helps users balance their fitness and rest. It doesn’t hurt to have an application out there that serves to monitor your health, especially since our lives are increasingly chaotic and difficult to balance.

What app of the year for iPad has been awarded Good Notes 5, which, as its name indicates, is used to take notes, although it offers compatibility with the Apple digital pencil (Apple Pencil), collaboration tools and PDF document marking. It is also available for iPhone and Mac in order to synchronize notes across different devices from the Cupertino giant (in addition to being a basic feature of this type of application).

The game of the year for iPad is Moncage, which belongs to the puzzle adventure genre and, to mention something specific in the title, all levels take place inside a mysterious cube with unique designs for each level. It is worth mentioning that Apex Legends also works on iPad, but possibly the simplification would make the tablet lose prominence within the event.

In regards to macOS, the operating system used by Mac computers, the application of the year is MacFamilyTree 10, a genealogy software program that allows users to build family trees and add diagrams, statistics, photos, and sound clips. Its tab in the App Store tells the user to “experience and discover your family history as vivid and versatile as never before. Dive into the fascinating world of genealogy and explore your family tree through stunning 3D views, meaningful diagrams, detailed reports, as well as additional statistics and evaluations.”

For his part, the videogame of the year for macOS has been enrollment“an inky-black card-based odyssey that blends deck-building roguelike, escape room-style puzzles, and psychological horror into one bloody smoothie” and with unexpected twists.

As the last platform we have Apple TV, with ViXbelonging to TelevisaUnivision, as application of the year to watch movies and television in our language and The son as a video game for said platform, which has been developed by HandyGames and consists of following the adventures of a six-year-old orphan boy who faces the challenges of life in the Wild West.

Finally, we mention the applications that have been awarded for their cultural impact, which are How We Feel, Dot’s Home, locker widget, waterflame and Inua – A Story in Ice and Time. For Apple Arcade has been awarded Wylde Flowers.

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