Appian promises to speed up application development with Data Fabric by up to 10 times

More possibilities and more capabilities for low-code developers to launch more complex applications. It is what you have presented Appian with Data Fabrican evolution of its platform that joins the development of applications, mining processes, and the integration and optimization of data sets.

In this sense, Michael BeckleyCTO of the company, explained on the opening day of Appian Europe 2022, that “Appian Data Fabric allows you to create applications up to 10 times faster, since we have made it easier than ever to connect and obtain data in environments that are difficult to access. In this way, from now on, a change in the data is reflected in real time in all parts, which allows developers to operate with a single data model”.

An evolution of the data lakes that many companies work with in the cloud, the Appian Data Fabric comes to companies as a simple way to access the information that developers have to work with, share it in an environment of distributed data and manage the data itself in a unified and coherent way, thus breaking with silos and watertight compartments.

As Beckley has also explained, at this time approximately the 45% of their customers have started to transition to their Data Fabric environmentso that by the end of this year they expect to save more than 113,000 million dollars in application development and end the year with more than 68,000 million process automations on a platform that, as the company’s CTO acknowledges it is experiencing its greatest traction in the banking, insurance and public administration sectors.

Compared to other low-code alternatives, Beckley has also stressed the fact that Appian’s is the only platform that currently offers not only low-code integration capabilities, but also cloud-based data access services, tools that allow the same data to be enriched and, most importantly, a new virtualization and abstraction layer that allows the integration of data and processes to develop in a completely consistent manner, without inconsistencies.

In the third quarter of 2022, Appian has seen how its revenues have grown by 30% compared to the previous year and together, it expects to reach a turnover of about 465 million dollars, which would be equivalent to a year-on-year increase of 26%. Regarding its distribution channel, the company emphasizes that in the last year its number of partners has grown by almost 40%, while developer certifications on its platform have increased by more than 45%.

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