Apple again considers opening data center in Ireland it canceled in 2018

In recent years, Apple has invested large amounts of money to create within its own data, data centers that they are not enough to cover the needs of the company and that they force you to hire space in the Google cloud. In 2018, he canceled his plans in Ireland due to opposition from the county where he planned to open it.

At that time, Apple said that the delays in obtaining the permits had forced the company to rethink its construction and canceled this project, a project that according to the latest information, seems to have been reactivated, since apparently Apple You have requested an extension of your building license.

In the extension of the building license it had to build these new facilities, Apple says it expects to build it in the next 5 years. Apple announced a nearly $ 2 billion plan in 2015 to create a data center in Ireland. In that same announcement, he also announced the construction of another data center in Denmark.

Both were scheduled to go live in 2017 and would provide Europe-wide support for the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Apple Maps, and Siri. However, the Irish data center was left in dry dock while the Danish data center kept pace.

The objections of a small number of local residents delayed things early on, and the local planning body responded by asking Apple to respond to five concerns. Apple did this by getting the go-ahead from the planning inspector.

Although the Supreme Court decision was expected to be final, two residents requested permission to appeal the sentence, although the appeal was rejected.

A new appeal overturned the decision. The only option was to go to the Court of Justice of the European Communities, which would have meant a further delay of years. At the time, Apple announced that it had given up and was canceling its plans for this data center.

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