Apple also vetoes Russia for the war with Ukraine

Needless to say, the situation in Russia and Ukraine keeps the whole world on edge. At the business level, the situation is very worrying, which is why various companies such as Apple have already spoken about it and have begun to implement severe measures against Russian territory, also in accordance with the sanctions imposed from the United States by President Joe Biden.

Apple paralyzes its product sales in Russia

Curiously, just a few months ago Russian authorities asked large corporations like Apple to open offices in their country. However, with the beginning of the war, the opposite will happen. Yesterday several media outlets published statements made by spokespersons for the Californian firm in which they affirmed that weeks ago they paralyzed exports to the country and who have officially paused the sale from devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac.

This serves as a “response to Russia’s invasion” of Ukraine, which began last week and continues to leave us with chilling images from another century. Therefore, in the same way that the company does not sell in other Eastern countries at war, it will not do so in Russia either, thus adding another new blockade to the many that the territory governed by Vladimir Putin already has to take on.

Other services have also stopped working

Before the confirmation of this block, we had already received various reports confirming that Apple Pay no longer worked in the country. Either Apple Maps in Ukraine is now showing real-time information on traffic or accidents, probably due to the complexity of executing this action with the number of incidents that are being experienced.

apple pay apple card

Now the app store continues to function normally in both countries, as does iCloud and other Apple services. In the end, these work independently and, except for surprise, they will continue to work as long as the Internet connection continues to exist.

Possible cause of delaying your spring event?

Many analysts predicted (and continue to predict) a company event to present its first devices of the year. Some like Mark Gurman even pointed to March 8, that is, next Tuesday. If held, the announcement would have been made official yesterday.

And although we cannot rule out that it will be held another day or even today, 6 days before, when it is announced, it seems almost ruled out. The fact that Apple did not issue any information about it means that they are not obliged to confirm or deny theories, but there is a firm belief that the event was already scheduled and they have decided to cancel or postpone it due to the events that are taking place in Ukraine.

Apple Event

In fact, from Apple they claimed to feel “deeply concerned” in their statement to the media. We remember that in the past they canceled an event at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In any case, the fact that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been held relatively normally invites optimism. Be that as it may, we will be waiting to see what happens with this.

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