Apple and ChatGPT have a problem in Spain

Apple, the Cupertino company and OpenAI, the official developer of the famous ChatGPT, have had as protagonists one of the most outstanding news of the whole week, since they have carried out a premiere that many users were looking forward to. However, in Spain not everything has been positive, keep reading that we will tell you everything.

There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is one of the topics of the moment, both for better and for worse, since it is a technology that since it arrived, not long ago, has not stopped revolutionizing everything, to such an extent that governments are developing agreements to limit its use and thus be able to stop a virtually uncontrolled progress. Of course, meanwhile the technology companies continue their path, as OpenAI has shown with one of its latest movements.

ChatGPT already has an app on the iPhone, but not in Spain

As we said, one of the news of the week has Apple and OpenAI as protagonists, since their application, where ChatGPT is located, is now available in the Apple app store so that users can download it, yes, with certain limitations, and that is if last week this app was released for the first time only in American territory, that is, the United States, this week the app has reached another forty countrieswhich are the following.

  • Albania.
  • Algeria.
  • Argentina.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Bolivia.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Chili.
  • Croatia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Ecuador.
  • Estonia.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Ghana.
  • India.
  • Iraq.
  • Ireland.
  • Israel.
  • Jamaica.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Korea.
  • Kuwait.
  • Lebanon.
  • Lithuania.
  • Mauritania.
  • Mauricio.
  • Mexico.
  • Morocco.
  • Namibia.
  • Nauru.
  • New Zealand.

If you have read the list of countries in which the ChatGPT app is available, you will have been able to verify how Spain is not among them, so Spanish citizens will have to keep waiting for this app that some want so much, to be available in our App Store for download. However, there are already other AI applications that have been in the App Store for some time, such as Bring.

The most normal thing is that the app does not take long to reach the Spanish App Store, so that users residing in our country can enjoy the advantages that this application can offer, which are really the same that all people could already get if they entered the web to use and interact with ChatGPT. Between some of the advantages What you can get is the instant answer to any question you want to ask, it can even give you advice or inspiration to carry out a creative process, and the possibilities that AI is offering are truly incredible.


In addition, the history of the app can be synchronized with other devices in which you also have your account entered into the service, since in order to use ChatGPT you must have an OpenAI account, although it really takes very little time to register. and thus be able to enjoy a technology that, of course, is here to stay and from which many positive things can be drawn.

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