Apple announces a game mode for its Macs

Video games have always been present within the Mac environment and, in one way or another, the publishers they have always had the platform in mind to have some important news. Especially in the case of American studios that, in companies like Blizzard and LucasArts, always put their latest releases on sale. hits so that they could be played by, in those 90s and early 2000s, professional users.

And it is that the Mac, until a few years ago, their main focus was the work environment, for audiovisual, journalistic or marketing content editing, so few remembered them to play. Also, the decision to implement Apple Silicon processors didn’t help much because a good part of the compatibility that the old Intel SoCs had was lost, so we hardly had the Apple Arcade catalog as an alternative.

Game Mode Arrives in Sonoma

Apple presented yesterday afternoon all the news of its new operating system for Mac and, among all the innovations that it took advantage of to announce, there was one that especially liked the gamersamong other things because Hideo Kojima himself was in charge of putting a face on him and announcing that his Death Stranding Director’s Cut will come to Apple computers. It is a game mode that goes a little beyond the simple hub where to store all the titles we have, but it has some specific functions.

And what is macOS Sonoma going to do when it finds that we want to run a video game installed in its guts? well basically give it as much priority as possible so that it runs without interference typical of other programs or services that we have active. It must be said that such ideas are not new. Microsoft already contemplated something similar with Windows Vista, where the computer would be able to turn off all background processes and give full control to the game… but it never happened.

on paper, that macOS Sonoma game mode sounds perfectbecause it will result in a prioritization of these video game processes when using both the CPU and the GPU, a higher graphic performance with more fluid movements and much higher frame rates per second.

More advantages of the game mode

If taking advantage of all the processing power of the CPU and GPU isn’t enough for you, this macOS Sonoma game mode will add several more elements that will help to obtain a more immersive experience, such as reduce the response lag between the computer and the AirPods, in such a way that we can listen in real time to everything that happens on the screen. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but the Bluetooth connection always works with a bit of a delay (although we don’t notice it) and that is what Apple has been in charge of tackling.

Also, finally, this game mode incorporates something fundamental, such as the possibility of pairing a remote control at the height of the gaming experience we want to obtain, in such a way that macOS Sonoma will gain compatibility with the official PlayStation 5 controller, which is none other than its famous DualSense (it was already possible on PC). So honey on flakes, right?

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