Apple announces its new event for Monday, what will it present?

This is how Apple announces its October event

Well, as we said, it is next Monday when this event will take place. And, as is customary, will be broadcast simultaneously around the world starting at 19.00 (Spanish peninsular time). It will be a prerecorded event as the company is used to doing since the beginning of the pandemic, although it could be the last in this format if we take into account that in 2022 the situation could improve enough to return to telematic events.

Under the slogan of “Unleashed”, which would come to be something like “unleashed” in Spanish, the company is already promoting its event. A slogan and images that make a clear reference to speed. Already last year something similar was done with the “Hi Speed” in reference to the speed of the 5G that the iPhone 12 incorporated, although now it seems that other devices will be referenced.

What products will they present?

Another Apple custom that we observe in this event announcement is that they do not officially reveal what they will present. In the last event of September we saw the new iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini and iPad 2021. For this, however, it is expected that focus on computers. Based on the leaks we intuit two new MacBook Pros redesigned with the return of HDMI ports, card reader, and even MagSafe. All this in sizes of 14 and 16 inches and with the M1X chip that will be a vitaminized version of the well-known M1.

render macbook pro

A hybrid between Mac mini and Mac Pro. Several analysts have anticipated for months an intermediate equipment of this type that would be comparable to the aforementioned MacBook Pro for also having an M1X chip, thus improving the current Mac mini despite the fact that its power will not yet reach high enough to be compared with the Mac Pro.

mac pro mini concept

Everything else will be a surprise, if there is more. We remember that AirPods 3 they are still pending and although they were expected for the previous event, it cannot be ruled out that it will be launched later or that its presentation format is a press release instead of an event. Nor is the redesigned large iMac expected, which is scheduled for 2022. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to new information that could shed a little more light on it.

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