Apple Arcade has reached 200 games available in its catalog

It’s been two years since Apple ventured to launch its own gaming platform, Apple arcade. To this day, it is a mystery to know if this project has caught on among the company’s users or not. Apple never gives subscriber figures, but the feeling is that it does not quite settle among the owners of an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

I did the test among members of my family. There are 4 of us at home, and each one has his iPhone and iPad. When I signed up for a free three-month subscription, I made a little keynote in the kitchen for my wife and kids, and they started using it. I did not renew the subscription, and no one complained. At three months, no one was playing any game on the platform. Now you have reached the 2oo games available. I may give you a second chance.

Next September Apple Arcade will meet two years of life. And it will celebrate it by announcing that it has reached 200 games available on the platform. Certainly a great effort on the part of the company and the game developers, but it may not be enough for the subscribers of the platform.

CNET has published an article explaining that with the latest game added to Apple TV, «Super Stickman Golf 3«, The platform has reached the figure of 200 games available.

Apple added two new categories of games to Apple Arcade this year, which are «Timeless classics” Y “App Store Greats«. More than 30 classic games have been added to Apple Arcade since April, including titles such as Monument Valley, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds.

With the Apple Arcade gaming platform, users can download and play all the games available in the catalog without ads or purchases within them. Cost of 4.99 Euros per month, and is also available in the Apple One package. The games are specific to different Apple devices. There are games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

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