Apple becomes first company to exceed $ 3 trillion in capitalization

Apple has just become the first company in the world to cross the threshold of $ 3 trillion in capitalization. Driven by the continued success of iPhones, the firm’s stock market action has just reached a new high.

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This Monday, January 3, 2022, Apple briefly exceeded $ 3 trillion (around 2,655 billion euros) of market capitalization. The threshold was crossed for a few seconds when Apple’s stock market hit $ 182.19. Only one company in the world can boast a market valuation of over $ 2 trillion: Microsoft.

As a reminder, Apple reached $ 2.5 trillion in capitalization in July 2021. The threshold of $ 2,000 billion in valuation had been crossed a year earlier, just a few months later. the stock market crash caused by the Covid crisis. At the time of the crash, Apple’s capitalization had shrunk to $ 1 trillion.

Apple would be heading to new records thanks to augmented reality

Asked by our colleagues at Les Echos, Susannah Streeter, analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, a British financial services company, believes that Apple stock is even considered by investors as a safe haven. “Apple seems to be more immune to the ebb and flow of economic forces simply because of its very strong brand. Its pipeline of new products is also quite solid ”, explains the analyst.

To ensure its growth, the Silicon Valley giant relies on a large catalog of successful products, such as the iPhone. Despite the production difficulties encountered in China, Apple is also recording a strong demand for the iPhone 13, the latest flagships. Thanks to the iPhone 13, Apple even managed to become number 1 in the Chinese market.

Despite stockouts, computer chip shortages and the vagaries of the economy, demand for Apple-branded products remains extremely strong. Under these conditions, Katy Huberty, financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, believes that Apple stock is still undervalued.

“Despite a substantial and constant contribution to revenues from new products and services, the stock market does not seem to take them into account. We believe this will change as Apple nears the launch of an augmented reality product in 2022 ”, explains Katy Huberty.

Apple’s entry into the field of augmented and virtual reality, with the eagerly awaited Apple Glass headset, should give new impetus to the firm’s revenues. The latest news is that the hybrid helmet should be presented in June 2022.

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