Apple begins work on a 20-inch folding screen for the MacBook Pro

We don’t have to consider all the rumors that come up as good or credible, but this one we must pay attention to, due to the source and content. According to new reports, it seems that Apple is ready to create a new folding screen that can go directly to be part of the MacBook Pro family. This new device with that screen will be OLED and will be manufactured in South Korea. Of course, without knowing exactly the provider, but it is not unreasonable and it is very logical, so let’s continue with it.

This new rumor comes from theelec, and it’s not just us who echo it. Other specialized media also echo this rumor. It is specified that the new device will have an open 20.25-inch OLED screen. When closed, the device would count to 15.3 inches. That’s slightly smaller than the current 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Now, there is a handicap in this rumor. It’s about OLED screens. At the moment the American company is not prepared for the launch of a device of this nature. That is why in order to put a device of this size on the market, with OLED, they must first make the transition to this technology on the screens. In fact, if we continue with this reasoning, We can go to the year 2026 or 2027. Therefore, there are four years left for us to see this rumor materialize.

Still we already know how this goes. We can be talking about the launch of a new 20-inch MacBook Pro with OLED in four years and suddenly rumors arise that we will have that same MacBook in a few months. That is why it is important to follow this rumor and see how it evolves. We will remain vigilant and counting the advances or modifications that are being made on this and other topics.

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