Apple broadens horizons in its developer assistance plan

The applications of devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac are everything to them, given the tremendous utility they bring to the device. And with this, those who are behind are also extremely relevant with their work of creating and improving them. Apple, aware of this, tries to offer more and more tools and aids to developers so that they can develop their work in the best conditions.

It is precisely around this that the latest announcement made by the Californian company in a press release revolves. And it is that they have announced that the program App Store Foundations it will soon be extended to new territories. In particular they will be 29 new European countries those who will be able to benefit from this program with which Apple supports development teams.

What is the App Store Foundations?

This is a program created by Apple in 2018 and through which the company tries to provide some support to chosen developers to create even better applications. To do this, they try to promote by also promoting a better and wider variety in their app store from which users can benefit.

Since it was launched, this program has managed to successfully serve all those developers who have managed to be selected, who have also complemented the indispensable support of this program with other aids such as personalized advice or Apple Entrepreneur Camps workshops.

30 Spanish developers have already received support from Apple

Christopher Moser, senior vice president of the App Store in Europe, has been proud of the spanish talent and has reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to collaborate closely with other creators, not only in our country, but in other European territories. Like Silvia Martín-Prat, PR Manager of Apple Spain, she has also been proud of help developers succeed, emphasizing the honor which means also for the experts to provide this support.

In fact, in Spain we already find up to 30 developers who have taken up the program. It is the case of Maria Berruezo, co-founder of LactApp, an innovative iOS app designed as a solution for breastfeeding and with which many mothers receive useful advice on this process on a daily basis. Berruezo has valued this Apple program and its advice as key to the growth of your app, as can be seen in Apple’s press release.

Spanish apps App Store Foundations

Other developers who are happy with the program are those of iLovePDF, an application that participated in the first program in our country and whose objective is to help the user to manage PDF with powerful tools. Marco Grossi, the CEO and founder, states that since joining they have tripled the number of downloads iLovePDF on the App Store.

Sister, a well-known personal safety app that helps women feel safe on the go, has also benefited. Manuel de la Esperanza, CEO of the company that is behind this app, has positively valued the reinforcement that the Apple program has given them, highlighting how it has helped to connect with its users.

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